You seem so sad...why not smile

It’s never too early to talk about hot cross buns. Love em. I don’t mind raisins in those because they’re plump juicy ones. I love the spice palate. Cinnamon and whatever else they use. They’re bringing them out here too. Lots of different flavors. Traditional, Apple I remember orange and something from last year - all of them delicious. It is early for Easter but who cares. I’m not eating them for religious purposes. A big “quality” chain now do butter infused with maple syrup. That would top off a bun to perfection. They’re amazing on pancakes too, but I don’t make those. Calorie hell. There’s a picture on the package of pancakes topped w maple butter and a generous dollop of whipped cream on top. Why must they torture us this way? I don’t want to get fat in time for summer.


I’ve actually decided to mix it up a bit this year and I’m working on putting on some weight for the summer. So far, it’s working much better than when I tried taking it off.


Me too. They have chocolate ones & I saw Vegemite and cheese hot cross buns on display. Carbs galore. I like them for breakfast.

I don’t think I’ve ever had a cross bun? :thinking: :relaxed:

I just looked up hot cross bun recipes, and I found out the cross is traditionally made of flour and water or pastry dough, not icing! It’s this one of those British vs. American things? It looks like I’ll be looking for sultanas (or, as we Americans call them, golden raisins) on my next shopping trip.

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Sunday night. I’m in fits watching scenes from late 80’s sitcom Acropolis Now. “Aye, let’s get going before my hair gets flat.”

That was GREAT!! I laughed my head off. Thank you so much essei7point0 you have really set me up fo the day! Have a good one :grinning: :+1:

How do you get hot cross bunnies? Pour boiling water down a rabbit hole :rage:

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Well its very very cold and wet here today so I’m thinking of this to cheer me up…

2 x videos:

Here’s the first:

Here’s the BBC mickey take:


It’s not so cold here but still got a good laugh! I love the floaties & goggles at the end. :laughing:

Talking of Hot Cross Buns… It’s breakfast time here- anyone for a Blueberry one? :yum: (bit out of date but who cares?!)

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There is a twitter feed call PunHub (geddit?) that always raises a smile.

This sort of thing


A Tv news presenter here (who is a bit of a comedian) created a spoof Gofundme page for our Prime Minister to help his government raise money for the nuclear submarine deal he signed with the U.K. and U.S.A. :laughing:


Anyone remember these? I posted some of them on original murmurs. They came as postcards bound into a booklet…

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OMG. Not one of Rawle’s. I don’t know who holds the copyright but I’m dead