You seem so sad...why not smile

A place for jokes, memes gifs…well…anything that makes one smile…

We need smiling after this phuking dumpster fire, of the last couple of years.


Good idea. Lately TikTok makes me laugh mostly.

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For the Star Wars fans…


Anakin never received the title Master

…and he was an Apprentice to Palpatine…


Does that mean when he threw the Emperor down the shaft…for a brief second… was he a Master Vader?

Awaits @Avalon s telekinetic Matrix bitch slapping…

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True story.

I was in a Underground Hip Hop group.

Anyway, the question was:
What band blew your mind the first time you heard them?

I answered:
Public Enemy

A bunch of guys mentioned Aerosmith, Van Halen, Pink Floyd etc. and said to me,"we said music group"and that, “I didn’t get the assignment.” I found it funny and asinine that Public Enemy wasn’t considered a musical group in a group called Underground Hip Hop…

I just left. Didn’t make a huge deal about it. Just walked away.

Hey, @inspectorjason, not to bring up a sore subject or anything, but this is still the wrong way to eat a KitKat:


I’ve thought of @inspectorjason literally every time that topic has come up over the past 20 or so years. It’s one way to infiltrate people’s minds I guess…


I have always been ahead of my time when it comes to the correct way to eat a KitKat. The teacher in the video is demonstrating the correct way, much to the chagrin of her intellectually inferior students.

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