Who were we back then?


One of my favorite people from back in the day. I had quite the cybercrush on you, but I’ve since moved on.

Hope you are well.


Ah I had some Murmurs crushes back in the day too. I’ve been in a lot of different Internet communities over the years, but Murmurs was the only place where that really happened. (Of course Murmurs was also the main place I was at while being a somewhat emotionally screwed up 19 year old, so that’s a complicating factor.)


Welcome home!


Who wasn’t an emotionally screwed up 19 year old?


OH MY GOD! It’s back! I’m Claire and I assume I would’ve been Tuppenny back then as well, from about 17 to 22 when I was at university and spent my evenings drinking wine and chatting in one of the threads on here (I can only remember the Tractor Bar which I know wasn’t us). I’m 37 now, married and the owner of a nearly six year old. I’ve just been scrolling through this thread shouting out usernames in increasing squeaky excitement. YOU GUYS!!!


Blimey. Zeppelino back then too. Met my wife via the previous iteration and today is our 8th wedding anniversary. Tomorrow is our sons 6th birthday.


Pascal here… Now 46. Probably joined in the late 90s… I’ve probably used different usernames (up23, uppp possibly being some of them), but I’m pretty sure the last one was Unafraid. Some of them might have been used on mIRC though, I can’t remember clearly… Was there a #murmurs channel back then?

I guess most people didn’t like me back then (I was pretty argumentative), starting with Ethan who’s banhammer was never real far… :sweat_smile:

Eventually got married in 2006 and got 3 kids (now 7, 11 and 13). Divorced since 2019. Been with my new girlfriend for a bit over two years.

That said, I think I’m the same tortured soul I’ve always been.

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There was definitely an IRC channel by late 2001 when I started participating on Murmurs. The website had a Java applet client you could use, or a standalone client like mIRC would work too.

Are you still accepting pictures of infections?