Up Reissue predictions?

If they want us to buy their new product, they owe us something worth buying.

Compared to the NAIHF reissue this is much better… it could easily have just been the Later… show from the BBC box that filled some of the Up single b-sides. At least there’s something different here. So i hope this means things are looking Up for the reissue series to continue.

There is no question that the 25th anniversary edition series will continue as that was part of the agreement with Craft.


I see they copied the Up North bootleg artwork :sweat_smile:

Cd2: Concert Party Of Five

Really? I’ve never heard or seen that before - but that would be great news! I myself have been wondering if the re releases of the four last albums on vinyl meant that they simply just stopped the 25editions from here on out, and I’ve seen plenty of people doing the same.

But I simply don’t recall hearing this. Do you recall/can find the source for this? :slight_smile:

It’s up for pre order at Apple Music.
Not buying this one.

I noticed the same thing about the vinyl releases so I asked someone that has been involved with some of the more recent anniversary releases. That’s all I’m at liberty to say. Not trying to be elusive I can assure you.

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After the NAiHF and Chronic Town reissues my expectations were low: I expected demos and outtakes that we already got on the Warner Rarities set, like we got for NAiHF. So a previously unreleased live set is already more than I hoped for.

The Blu-Ray is basically what I expected, except that I hoped for a polished version of the Glastonbury show as well.

Judging from the Daysleeper teaser that was released on Spotify the remaster is not an improvement over the original, but who would expect that at this point.

All in all it’s not a great release - again - but I will definitely pick it up.

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I have an OG vinyl, so I will skip this one. The extras will be available on Spotify.

Will the Up 25th Anniversary Deluxe edition be exclusive to REMHQ or will it be available on other sites like Amazon?

The shipping is $20 from REMHQ for me.

It’s available on other sites. Not sure where you are located but Resident in the UK has it

i ordered mine from Rough Trade in the UK

It’s hard for me to get excited about any of the post-Berry reissues. The music just doesn’t stand up to the albums made with Bill. I rarely find myself wanting to listen to any of them. Each has good songs, but as a whole none of the last five albums interest me that much. Not saying I won’t buy them, but I am on the fence at this point. I do love that yellow t-shirt on the band’s website though.

“Up” and “Reveal” are for me better than some earlier albums. On “Up” i really like the soundscapes and rich, weird atmosphere. On “Reveal” i think they have some of their strongest songwriting (and i really like the production too), the first three songs are all absolutely brilliant, as is for example “Beat a Drum”. I`d say i like both of these records much more than, say “Green” or “Document”. Then again the last three albums they made are for me surely their weakest.

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I pre ordered the double green Up reissue today

Weird, I thought the double green vinyl was sold out soon after the announcement so I pre-ordered the black double LP which now appears to be sold out too.

The BBC own the rights to the Glastonbury performance footage and I’m not sure the band would get them. They’re repeated in the UK semi regularly and often put on iplayer in the run up to Glasto. In fact, I’m not sure there are any official full Glasto shows released.

Was listening to “You’re in the Air” today thinking there must be some interesting alternate mixes out there. It’s kind of somber/soft in places on the album cut, but lurking underneath is one of Buck’s heavier guitar pieces.

What a missed opportunity this reissue was.