Up Reissue predictions?

Rumor has it
that there’s a very different version of “You’re in the Air” in the vaults. an older one (naturally) with completely different lyrics and a different vocal melody. the title is ‘Bombay’, as is the title of the You’re in the Air early mix that leaked about a decade ago, but it’s supposed to be utterly different than the early mix…


Had an email from Rough Trade to say that the release date of UP25 has been delayed until 15th December. Pretty disappointed.

Anyone else buy from Rough Trade and get this message? My first time using them. It smacks of “we sold more than we knew we were getting, and now we can’t fulfil all the orders”. At the time I ordered, it wasn’t available on Amazon.

I’ve been down this road before with Spin CDs (remember them?!) and ended up not getting whatever it was I’d ordered. Was lucky enough to get a refund - the Internet was full of people who didn’t, and then they went bust.

Hopefully that’s not the case here.

I hope you get what you paid for binky. I pre-ordered mine from R.E.M.HQ. I noticed the vinyl editions sold out soon after the release & then was restocked. HQ has the current release date as Nov. 10.

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The UK arm of the R.E.M. store shut down a while ago, so the shipping costs make it prohibitively expensive for me. Hopefully it’ll turn up eventually!

I’m just not interested in this release at all. Perhaps because the extra material is kinda “meh.” Perhaps because the post-Berry releases just aren’t as good to me as those with Bill. Not sure if I’ll be ordering it at this point.

I got the same from Rough Trade but the date also changed on Amazon so I think the pre-order is fine and there’s a logistics snafu

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I hope so!

It is a bit meh when compared to some of the previous anniversary editions, although much better than the New Adventures reissue. In keeping with some of the curious choices the band makes when curating these releases, it seems odd that they wouldn’t have included “At My Most Beautiful” from the TV taping as a bonus track to the actual live set. Still, it’s always fun to read the liner notes and I’m glad to get the video content.

I don’t know when the last time I listened to up all the way through before today was, but I’d bet it was more than 15 years ago. It’s a better album than I remembered, or perhaps 35 year old me appreciates it more than 15 year old me did. Hope is such a fun track, I just want it to keep going.

And I agree with Mike’s Rolling Stone comment that it’s a shame Walk Unafraid didn’t discover itself until later on stage. The album version is pretty weak.

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Up is probably my favourite REM album. I don’t listen to it much now, but I will give it a good proper listen when I get the 25th edition on CD.

I just gave the extras a listen on Spotify and I must say I found the live songs really engaging! Great recording, the band are loose and rusty but you can feel the energy. It reminds me of the Monster remix which I really enjoyed. Love it.

Good thread for me to bump my VHS tape of Falls to Climb - enjoy!


I don’t think I have seen this documentary in full. Thanks! :+1:

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It’s a good documentary. Well worth the watch IMO.

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As mentioned on R.E.M. HQ, “Mike’s interview with Kyle Meredith of the Consequence Podcast Network in which Mike discusses the difficult circumstances in which Up was created and how the band found the record’s ultimate sound…”
The interview also available to watch on youtube.

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