So, how’s it going

Those little individual silver platters the condiments come in Indian restaurants are very cool. Also good for fingers.


I needed to go to a place with multiple locations today, when I searched up “find locations closest to you” it came back with Rockville. That one’s only closest if I were traveling by helicopter, otherwise there’s a large river in the way.

Plus, I’ve already been to Rockville before, and Mike Mills advised me not to go back.


Haven’t been here in a while so I thought I’d drop in. Life is going okay. Classes for spring quarter and the academic year ended last week—next week is finals. I’m taking two weeks off end of June/beginning of July. Heading to San Diego for a conference and possibly a very quick trip to the zoo. Hoping to find some time to get to the DC area to see my dude. Currently enjoying some time in the sun after what feels like six months of rain.


They played a concert this morning, at a local venue where I’ve seen other bands. There were, I don’t know, 15 elementary-aged bands from the music schools (not just hers, but a couple locations). Her band played “Seven Nation Army” and a One Direction song, I think it’s called “What Makes You Beautiful”. It was pretty cool and I’m super proud of her. :slight_smile: