So, how’s it going

Beautiful blue sky. It’s a wintery grey & clouded down here for most of this week. I’m starting to miss summer, especially the longer daylight.


So, after two and a half years of fierce resistance, our kid, my wife and I all got the damn bug. The little one (two shots) is already almost free from it; my wife is not very well (three shots) with weird symptoms all over; and I feel like shit for two days now (with three shots too), but it’s only like a nasty cold. Mostly, I got a headache radiating from the neck every few minutes, but I’ve been taking many meds from hour one, like I usually do. We’ll be fine, but it’s taking a couple of days…


Went to the pub with some friends last night, it was great. I don’t go out drinking and getting tipsy or very drunk as often as I used to, but now when I do it’s special. Also, today I found some time to pull out weeds from the garden. Happy I got that done.


I realized yesterday that if I hadn’t retired, I would have had to go back to work tomorrow (ridiculously soon)! And then I realized that even if they hadn’t extended the secretarial contracts, I’d still be dreading going back in a couple of weeks. But I don’t have to do it at all! I’m excited to start relaxing in earnest. :smile:


I’m hoping to retire from my work place in 4 years. If they cut my hours in half I might continue working a bit longer. I want to spend more time doing things at home and recreation.


It’s early days, but I’m enjoying myself immensely. I didn’t have a paying job from 1989 to 2008, so I’m not a stranger to the housewife situation, but this time around, I don’t have little kids or volunteer responsibilities (yet!), and I’m luxuriating in the freedom. I’m sure someone will notice that I have free time soon and I’ll have to be careful not to end up with 20 hours a week of volunteer work.


Got back from a vacation at the beach last week. First time at the beach really for my kids, they had a fun time.