Most prized R.E.M. possession

I remember seeing this!

I was going to say, do likes on tweets count? Because when I started playing bass again I posted about it and Mike liked it, so maybe that’s mine!


Pretty sure Michael and I locked eyes at some point when i was in the front row in St. Paul in 99, so we’ll both just stick to our stories:)


Farming in progress :ok_hand:

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That’s going to look great. :+1:

Is that the wooden box with the cd, poster, other stuff, etc??? I have one of those.


I think the wooden box you’re referring to is that quite special version of Automatic For The People itself, the album, isn’t it? The Automatic Box is different. It’s just a cardboard box with 4 CDs with (correct me if I’m wrong here, just from the top of my mind) the b-sides for OOT and Automatic and only officially released in Germany. This one:


Okay, I actually own both of those. I got The Automatic Box off ebay years ago. The other must be the special edition of the album. I’ve managed to collect all thhe special editions from Green to Collapse over the years.

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Isn’t the only special edition of Collapse Into Now digital only?

It’s in a box in storage, but I’m pretty sure it was a gatefold digipack which included a link to download the itunes exclusive stuff for free. I can’t remember if it had extra booklet, poster or anything…

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Cheers! And kudos for having an outstanding collection! I’m still missing one of the regular albums, myself (LRP), but got some nice oddities anyway.

My automatic for the people frame


I’ve got various lyric sheets and set lists, including one that I got autographed by Peter and Michael.

My favourite possession - and one I really am not sure what to do with - is this silk shirt, seemingly worn regularly by Mike Mills during one or several of the tours in the 80’s.

I got it when I visited Athens in 2005 and ran into Tony Eubanks at a get together. Him and Mike seemingly moved from Macon to Athens together in the late 70’s and are (or were at the time) still close, and he told me he had a closet filled with old Mike things from the 80’s tours that he didn’t really know what to do with. So he dropped this bad boy off where I stayed the next day.

I obviously can’t get rid of it, and on the other hand I don’t really know what to do with it… So I wear it from time to time, when it’s time for yellow silk, you know.

Tony was such a kind man and actually ended up getting me an interview with Mike, when the band visited Denmark later that year.

Edit: Oh, also, favourite memory: Walking around Dublin in 2008 with Ole (Norwegian super fan, not sure he is back on Murmurs now) and having Peter Buck holler at and stop us, just to hear what we thought about the new material played at Olympia the night before. Ole is good friends with Scott, so Ole and Peter somewhat knew each other. My mind, though, was completely blown. Peter introduced us to his daughters, before Ole was kind enough to snap a picture of us. Man, those Dublin days. :heart_eyes: