What are you watching?

I loved the first season of Ted Lasso but stopped watching the second. For me, something had changed. I am glad you are enjoying it.

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Yes, Scrubs.

You can see the wheels start to come off around season 4, but as long as they had the full cast the spark was still there.

I live with a sibling in a house with one TV. Most of the time I’m subject to whatever they watch which is a lot of MeTV, the Laff network, Grit (all Westerns), Comet (mostly sci fi) and occasionally, a series or a movie on Netflix. So, mostly nothing new. When I have control of the TV a lot of the time I end up watching PBS. For whatever it’s worth, I just spent the majority of the last decade with no TV but had a computer with a large screen. I did subscribe to Netflix for a while. I also rented a lot of movies and occasionally used the web to watch local news and occasional series. When I lived in the Triangle region of NC there were more choices as far as movie theatres, especially art house type theatres. I miss that and that area tremendously. I haven’t seen a movie in a theatre since the Linda Ronstadt documentary in 2019. There are theatres were I live now but nothing has compelled me to see one yet. I tend to go during down times so seeing a movie in a packed house isn’t really an issue. Where I live is deep in the heart of Trump country so hardly anyone is wearing masks or getting vaccinated.

I feel your pain. Even within my own family, where I am the anomaly because I chose to get vaccinated and boosted and wear a mask. I was born and raised in South Carolina but have moved around from Pennsylvania to Rhode Island to Northern Virginia and now back in northern South Carolina just shy of the North Carolina border. And a purple area of the state. I thought for sure that we could elect Jaime R. Harrison in place of Lindsey Graham, but it was not to be. Jamie Harrison had such good support in South Carolina but South Carolina is a red state even though I live in a purple area.

I’m looking at places outside the US to actually retire to if things do not change.

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We really enjoyed Barry when we watched it last year. There is one particular episode in season 2 that might just be the funniest half hour of TV I’ve ever seen. Glad to hear there is another season coming.

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Family ties rerun.

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Newsradio is such an underrated and mostly forgotten classic.

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If you enjoy BattleBots, you might want to check out every year’s edition of the Tour de France. It also has a lot of expensive machines pulverized on an almost daily basis.

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As a side for my previous post about Homeland, I’m also watching that smaller Queer Eye season in Japan from a few years ago. Finished s06, but I had not watched that yet.

Also, people, watch more Queer Eye. It’s so well executed and makes you feel good, even though that long-haired dude is insufferable.

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Love Queer Eye. Jonathan can be a lot, but is 100% genuine and one of the best parts of the show. I also appreciate Jonathan being a very mainstream non-binary person and helping to normalize that to the general public.


I’ve gone through all 8 seasons of Scrubs about a half dozen times now, we all rightfully ignore that a season 9 was ever done.

Now I’m on ER (or drama scrubs), and there hasn’t been an episode where I haven’t commented on how baby faced everyone is.


Regular TV? I binge watch Blue Bloods every Wednesday on ION

Really keen to see Barry. I love Bill Hader. It’s not on any of my current subscriptions yet though…

I’m also currently re-watching West Wing (for about the 100th time). It’s the R.E.M. of TV shows for me. Best ever.

I’ve enjoyed Sorkin’s movies too, especially Trial of the Chicago 7 and Molly’s Game.


I know what you mean with S2 of Ted Lasso. It seemed a bit sadder or something. Couldn’t put my finger on it. I think if S1 hadn’t been so good, I wouldn’t have been so disappointed in S2. I watched it again and enjoyed it better the second time. But yeah, I was disappointed.

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I am sorry to hear that. But it’s somewhat “nice to know“ that I wasn’t alone in that feeling.

I was possibly being a negative Nelly, I thought. I also
I feel the same way about “Raised by Wolves“ S2, but I’ve already said that.

I have not been disappointed yet with Yellowstone, or 1883. But give it time. :slight_smile:

I binged watched the series Reacher just recently. Since I’m used to seeing Tom Cruise in that role, it took a little getting used to, but I enjoyed the series as it was.

I love West Wing. Seasons 1 and 2 are like Murmur / Reckoning in terms of quality television.


I may have to go back and watch.

“Unusual” thing about me is it it’s hard for me to go backwards and watch older movies and older shows. And I don’t mean 60s 50s 40s 30s, I’m talking about anything from before 2000.

It’s a quirk.

I was just walking through my bar (living room) and the tv was on the new hawaii50 And I stopped in my tracks, the song playing in the background was Walk It Back :slightly_smiling_face::rooster::heart:

PS my living room is a bar, my favorite bar for 20 years went to the wrecking ball so I took everything!!! It’s very cool


I was only five or six years old when The Incredible Hulk television series, starring Bill Bixby, first aired, but I loved watching it back then.

Almost 40 years had passed since I last saw that show, but I recently bought a Blu-ray box set of the complete series.

I am blown away by the fact that I still remember specific scenes and word-for-word dialogue from every episode…every episode…despite the passing of decades.

It’s funny how I cannot remember why I walked into my garage for my toolbox right now, but I can still remember, by heart, episodes of The Incredible Hulk that I last saw when I was five.