What are you watching?

I’m on another run through the West Wing, as its as good a thing as any to keep on in the background between Zoom meetings.

I just wrapped up Succession’s latest season, and will start Book of Boba Fett.

My son is going to be on the new season of Barry, so I have to binge that show up to the present. My wife is also on me to watch Schitt’s Creek and a few other shows, as she watches way more TV than I do.

My wife and I just finished watching seasons 1&2 of What We Do In The Shadows and I’ve been watching Superstore by myself. oh and I’ve started rewatching Peter Jackson’s Get Back.

I am watching probably what many others are watching right now (not necessarily people on murmurs though). Proudly I did it wiithout the influence of others in: “Yellowstone“ (since it first came out) and “1883“. I watched the first season of Raised By Wolves which I loved, but am sort of faltering with the start of season two.

I’m finally catching up on the final two seasons of Homeland, a show I’ve always loved, but needed to miss when they aired because I was too busy with other stuff. Planning to start Succession soon. And I just finished season two of Stargirl, because who here is perfect?

Rewatched the 3 seasons of The Leftovers recently which was tough going at times but well worth it. Saw Licorice Pizza and Moonfall with my kids recently and watched Interstellar and There Will be Blood (for the first time) over the weekend

The Gilded Age on HBO since I can’t get enough of those costume dramas.

I’ve been hooked on The Walking Dead since 2014. I’ve recently just finished watching the current season of Cobra Kai and Lost in Space. I’m waiting for Strange Things to finally come back with a new season and I’m also currently watching Book of Boba Fett.

Um… I just finished the most recent season of Project Runway.

During the first year of the pandemic, I rewatched a bunch of stuff:

  • Scrubs (the entire run)
  • America’s Next Top Model (No judgement!)
  • Top Chef

I watched Schitt’s Creek, twice, and have come close to watching it again because it’s just that good and the outside world can be that shitty.

And Ted Lasso. Of course


Resident Alien on SyFy. It is a quirky little show involving an alien and the earthlings he interacts with daily. It is funny.

On the plate right now for our house…

  1. The Book of Boba Fett – We’re not Star Wars junkies, but felt we needed to join the mobs. We eventually succumbed to the Mandalorian and didn’t mind that. I don’t get the hubbub, but it’s a distraction.
  2. The Gilded Age – Had to jump on this after Downton Abbey and Julian Fellowes. It’s been interesting so far.
  3. BattleBots! – I’ve watched this for years and geek out on this crap. We also love Faruq Tauheed, who is the announcer for the “fights.”
  4. Thankfully, the Sex and the City re-boot, “And Just Like That…” is over. But we watched that, too.

Next up may be Joe vs. Carole, since I unfortunately got caught up in the Tiger King nonsense.

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Do you mean the full full series or just the full series before that terrible final season?

For me: Newsradio (probably 5th or 6th time through). It’s such a great show, but I hate that Joe Rogan is in it because he’s a giant shitbird.

I watch the Vice channel and the various documentaries on there. I also enjoy 48 hours and similar type crime reality shows on AE. I watch Russell Brand’s youtube channel, youtube videos about Christianity . For sure to the shagrin of many of you I watch Tucker Carlson, OAN News, and Newsmax. Of course Joe Rogan. His podcast are too long though. I’ll watch an hour and turn it off. Cheers

I’ve been watching Boba Fett and haven’t had much time for anything else.
I have been meaning to catch up on Doctor Who, though.

Nothing wrong with Project Runway. :laughing: I have a few episodes still on my DVR so no spoilers please.

I’m currently, in this moment, watching the Olympics. Figure skating, to be specific. This will be my viewing for the next few weeks. Then it’ll be catch up.


I WAS enjoying Cowboy Bebop (live action)

Eff you Netflix!

Boba Fett on Disney +, Peacemaker, and a bunch of YouTube stuff on golf, retro video games, Star Wars and Marvel.
I really enjoyed Get Back. What I’d give to have that kind of behind the scenes for a making of REM album.


Behind the scenes of an REM record would be a lot of dinners. Also a very tired Jacknife Lee. Michael would track vocals overnight while Peter and Mike recorded during the day. Jacknife slept somewhere in the middle.

Do you mean Scrubs? I didn’t watch that weird season at the very end.

I started listening to the Fake Doctors Real Friends podcast after I finished the run. It started about the same time I started rewatching. Wish I’d known.

Schitt’s Creek! Schitt’s Creek! Schitt’s Creek!


After a 2.5 month lapse, I finally watched the season 2 finale of Ted Lasso the other night.

I have a whole queue of shows with new seasons on Netflix to catch up on, Ozark is at the top, and of course Peaky Blinders season 6 is coming up soon.

I’m slowly making my way through older show favorites: Lucifer and The Blacklist.

As for film, we’ve been re-watching The Thin Man series, and saw Licorice Pizza in the theater last week.

My typical day involves walking around with my headphones on listening to various murder podcasts.

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