Vaccines and you

I’m getting shot four times this week. They call me the Comorbidity Kid.

Actually, I’m getting 4 vaccines this week: flu, RSV, Covid, and pneumonia. I’d rather have a sore arm than be unable to breathe. How about you guys? Do you like to breathe? Do you like Try Not To Breathe?


Hell no. “Safe and effective” was an outright lie from Big Pharma. I’m done!

I’ve had 3 Covid vaccines and I get a flu shot every year. It’s a requirement for work (I work in age care). I also had several other vaccines, whooping cough, rubella when I was a kid, tetanus, & in the 70’s when I travelled overseas with my parents, I think it was smallpox, cholera & typhoid vacs.


Huh, I was unaware of an RSV vaccine but it looks like it’s new.

I started getting flu shots once I had kids. Going to the doctor in October and will probably get one then.

Not quite old enough yet for shingles vaccine but it’s on my radar.

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Had my latest covid booster and flu jab last Saturday (16th), had the pneumonia one a few years back.

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Does anyone have a round scar on the left upper arm from the smallpox vaccine? I never thought about it before until this thread. It’s got an interesting history. The disease has been eradicated and apparently now only exits in labs.

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Yes. I have the smallpox scar. Old age ya know. I had 3 Covid vacs which may be why I’m why I’m still alive. They are not making a big deal over the new vaccine here in the U.K. yet. Undecided. What I AM fighting for is the shingles vac. A dear friend got shingles, it got inside his body and ruined his digestive tract. 2 years later he’s just getting by on the soft diet or the geriatric diet, whatever. I had chicken pox as a kid and don’t wish another debilitating illness on my head. The forced isolation over 4 years killed my social life, lost 2 friends. I don’t want to die of covid but my pulmonary hypertension could carry me off just as well. If the vaccine is released in the name of public safety here in U.K. I”ll probably take it up. No flu shots though. The govt predicted the wrong strain 2 years in a row, smack dab in the middle of covid. No thanks.

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What’s up with the shingles vaccine in the UK? In the US they start giving it out at age 50 normally. Yeah it’s not a good time from what I’ve seen. I had chicken pox as an infant (2 months old I think). My kids all get chicken pox vaccines which is nice that they don’t have to have it.

Joe Rogan had on a former New York Times investigative reporter recently, talking about the mRNA vaccines. Staggering stuff. Tl;dr: They have a brief window of efficacy, then go into negative efficacy, and no one knows what the long term side effects are.

They were offering it to people 70 and over. I’m not there yet. I am clinically vulnerable though and they dropped availability of shingles jab to 60, which I am. But they are vaccinating the younger population first. What? Why? I’m in the medically vulnerable group. Anyway, my Dr is working on it. Is shingles mRNA.? Or do you mean the latest Covid shot?

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I had Bell’s Palsy several years ago, it is said to be triggered by the same virus that causes shingles. Do you know when Hermione stuns Harry Potter & distorts his face so he won’t get recongnized by the Snatchers? I was like that for weeks. My mouth slowly went back to normal but it left me with a slightly closed smile on one side of my mouth.

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Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman was awarded the 2023 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine,
“for their discoveries concerning nucleoside base modifications that enabled the development of effective mRNA vaccines against COVID-19”

Consipracy theories surround the vaccine but this news makes me feel better about being jabbed.

“Effective mRNA vaccines against COVID-19?” Where were those?

You may have missed the link in my previous post.

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They also awarded a Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to António Egas Moniz for treating anxiety and depression with lobotomies. Many cheered that development at the time.

That was in 1949 before antipsychotic drugs, which I believe started in the 50’s.

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Considering the record amount of adverse events and the minimal efficacy, if Big Pharma ever loses it’s hold on the narrative, the COVID mRNA vaccines will go down in history as much worse than lobotomies for depression.

Every medical procedure, treatment or therapy has its risks & side effects. One has to decide if the benefits out weigh the risks. That’s how I understand medical science works. I wish you a long & healthy life.

There is something called “informed consent.” Big pharma has suppressed it with the mRNA COVID vaccines. More adverse reactions and deaths than any other vaccine combined in modern history (they’ve ruined the lives of some of my friends and co-workers and impacted some of my family members). Efficacy that lasts only weeks at best.

People should be going to jail for what’s happened.

I agree with you that some copped a bad rap, I’ve heard of people suffering blood clots & heart problems due to the vaccine. I don’t know much about how Big pharma works. Many people lost their jobs & livelihoods were destroyed during covid, I remember social distancing, PPE, lockdowns & the protest against them , people getting really sick and dying all over the world, and the hospital staff that worked to the point of exhaustion. Look where we are now.

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