The very first

I think a few were here for this one?


What were the dates on that? I feel like I remember this version, but I’ve learned over the past decade or so that my memory is not always reliable.

I moved it to the newer software around Reveal’s release. This version was active until I think 1999 I’d say? Maybe 2000? At least through Up.


Omg. I totally remember this! And WeTalk!
I spent many an hour in the undergrad library computer lab chatting away .


Then I do remember it! I still have a few intact synapses!


I remember that very well. There was that useful thing to correct your messages before posting them and I loved it soo much because I was really awful at english written.
If my writing is nearly decent today, well it’s due, firstly, to We Talk.


That’s the one I remember. The menu-on-the-left with content on the right.

I first discovered the site in the lead-up to Up but didn’t dare venture to WeTalk until spring/summer of 99

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Yes, do remember that! And that left sidebar especially. Think it was one of my first introductions to online message boards overall in about '98?

Do you have screenshots of other versions/iterations? Always fun to see!


It kind of looks familiar, but at the same time I know I didn’t start on here until late 1999/ early 2000 in the era of the grey boards, so now I’m wondering if my memory is playing tricks on me.

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Here’s a few other versions. The blue one is my favorite in terms of the hints of some interesting design (each area had an icon and the design adjusted itself as you navigated the site).

1997-1999 era

The blue square design

At some point blue square became too hard to update. Some names on the Who’s Online list that I haven’t seen back yet


Oh Cripes, the Tractor Bar… That most recent post there was probably me…



Didn’t you start with a very basic front page/homepage with no images?

Yeah, that was the 1996 very first version


I was going to say I remembered one earlier than the Up-theme, but the Microsoft FrontPage one is it!

Love this!!!

It was the coolest thing back in the day!!

That reminds me: Evan (son) created his own website (tech related) at 13, which became very popular in that world. That ingenuity and incentive at that age put him in unexpected position when heading off to college: scholarships for what he was doing at 13.

The desire to do something, and doing it, were and are well rewarded for both you and him today.


I vividly remember those three.

I remember all of these except for the 1996 version because I didn’t have The Internet yet.

Same happened to me! I had studied english for more than 10 years but it really improved once I joined WeTalk.
I remember it was the blue interface but I joined in 2003. Then it was switched to what I guess was vBulletin, the white-greyish one with light green.
God, I guess I spent a lot of time on WeTalk haha.

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I joined in 1999, because I wanted to meet others who were going to the Atlanta Up shows.

It was free to join, but addiction took over quickly.


It was always vBulletin, just different themes and versions of the software. At one point we had a BItTorrent tracker built in.

At one point the whole site was running out of the closet in my apartment.