The very first

I didn’t go online until the late summer of '98 prior to the release of Up so I’m guessing this is what Murmurs looked like when I joined. It is also likely that it is the first message board I became a member of.


I started using torrents because of that. Have been using daily ever since.

This is so cool seeing all these origins! I didn’t even get a computer till 99 and studied up on building my own website. I knew nothing about them. Chat? Huh? I didn’t even know what copy paste was or open a folder I went downstairs and got a folder…

I remember coming to the Up-themed one for news and stuff, but I never went to the message boards or anything until the blue square one as far as I remember. I don’t think I remember anything earlier than the Up one.

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I remember all of these, I think I joined during the second one. But the one I have the most memories of is the blue one. Nice memories!!

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Remember registering in early 2001 for that old webboard before the forum moved late April to the php based one. Even remember some user numbers for the new forum…well Ethan obslvy 1, Jossie 2, Eric 9, Kelly 24, myself 36…not sure about Penny, Alex or others though.


I remember you! Welcome back.

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Antti!! Welcome back. How are things? Still in Finland?

I love these blasts from the pasts. I’m realizing now that I spent far more time on murmurs than I thought. All of my favourite threads stand out with ease. We Talk!!

I remember the UP design murmurs.