Summer vacations

With the world kind of open, anyone planning some good summer vacations? We haven’t had a vacation in two years, so looking for recommendations too :slight_smile:

Italy Ethan! :sunglasses:


My BFF were supposed to go to Prague and Budapest in August/Sept 2020 for two weeks to celebrate our 50th birthdays. That got cancelled.

So, for sentimental reasons, I’d recommend that.


Mexico. Scope our property. :slight_smile:

We’re seriously thinking of doing an overseas trip in September, maybe Europe, but we haven’t thought out any details yet. It all depends on where the world is with the pandemic and how the details shake out, but we’re feeling like going for it before we get too old.

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I think at this point we’re too far afield from anything remotely resembling lock downs or what not to bother. We postponed vacationing for years, so we’re just going for it now.


Living abroad has its advantages, one of which is the close proximity to a large number of countries and cultures, and another is the generous number of vacation days. We’ve got two weeks booked in Tuscany and will be our first proper vacation since 2019.


France!!! A planned 2020 trip is going to happen this July. Super excited.

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I’d go to Portugal, i have heard only good words about it. Maybe the Primavera NOS festival.

We are itching to travel but have no stomach for all the hoops that international travel still require us to jump through. We’re looking to knock a few things off our domestic bucket lists by taking in some road trips and adventures we wouldn’t otherwise go on…like chasing the Northern Lights! (

(Will need some good playlists so suggestions welcomed.)

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There’s a thread that might interest you that sort of turned into a playlist thread.

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