Scott Mccaughey

Any update on Scott’s health? I know he had a stroke a few years ago yet seemed well during 2019 Baseball Project shows. I hope he’s doing well and is fully recovered.



He’s doing really well! I need to get Mary over here :slight_smile:


Thanks Ethan, I’m sincerely glad to know that he’s doing so well! :+1:


I saw Young Fresh Fellows open for Wilco in November. Scott was there and well.


I met him several years ago before a show in 2005. Seemed a real nice guy.
Glad he is ok.

Also remember that show also met Peter who was extremely kind. Unfortunatly didn’t have the chance to met Mike and Michael and I think I never will.


Minus 5 in Philly 2019 was AMAZING, especially knowing what Scott had gone through in recent years. It was nice to hear him on the Lived Through That podcast the other day, going in-depth about his health crisis and his musical history.

Did anyone record that Philly gig? I took some photos and a short video.


Scott just put out a couple of albums on Bandcamp Friday (he’s listed as Scott the Hoople there). There was a vinyl version of his Neil Young tribute album and a CD version of Sad Box, one of three digital albums he released through Bandcamp in 2020. And there was an archival YFF live album too. The guy is still super productive, it’s truly amazing to me.

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Saw him, Peter, and Mike with The Baseball Project at an intimate but cool (some might say hipster) bar when they were in Cleveland for the All-Star Game [baseball version, natch] in 2019. Bought merch to support his health and met Peter & Mike afterwards.

The guy is prolific and it’s great to see him in good health.

Saw Filthy Friends in May 2019 and was delighted to see Scott in such great form. Except that it took him a bit longer to sign his autograph than it used to, you wouldn’t have known the difference between before and after the stroke.


Scott is hopefully in the UK in April, for anyone in the vicinity.

Peter is playing some shows with Luke Haines for their collaboration project from a couple of years ago. Linda and Scott are playing with them. Two nights at The 100 Club in London and some other places.

Can’t remember the dates, might be 19th/20th in London? Ask the internet.


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He is a very nice man.

Talked to Scott after the REM show at the Ryman Auditorium for the Around the Sun tour. A group of us were invited into the Ryman and got to talk with both Peter and Mike. And then invited to Mercy Lounge where we hung out. Mike and Peter jumped on the stage and played ITEOTW with the headlining band there that night. Etty and all (please tell me if I’m not remembering this right.)

Note: Peter and his wonderful memory. When I talked to him that night I said there was one song that they would have to play at my wake because I had never heard it live, somehow missing every opportunity. He asked me where I would be after Ryman which was Atlanta and then DAR Constitution Hall in Washington DC. They played the song in DC. Michael mentioned that this was a request. I wept. The song: Country Feedback.

Thank you Scott (and Peter).


Don’t you be tempting me…

I’m hopefully going on 19th - it’s been rescheduled twice.

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Awesome, Helen. It should be a blast. Everything PLB/McOi related is.

Astrid - we have a spare room (two now, Max has gone!), Easter weekend, you’ve got bugger all else important to do (I don’t know that, but worth a try!). Come over!



Yes, that Johnny Brenda’s show was great! Filthy Friends had been there just a month before.


Dang, unfortunately I have… I guess equally important things to do around Easter because my parents are thinking about coming over then and they haven’t been here in years. Enjoy, though!

I took a number of videos Greg The Minus 5 - June 26, 2019 - YouTube


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that’ll be fun to watch this week. thanks! I’ve got just a short clip of “Don’t Be Denied” up.

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