R.E.M. On This Day II

31 March
2008 - Accelerate, the 14th R.E.M. studio album is released outside of North America, and in the U.S. on the April 1st.

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5 April
From R.E.M. HQ - Today marks the 40th anniversary of the band’s first show–April 5, 1980–at a deconsecrated Episcopal church, St. Mary’s, on Oconee Street in Athens.
Happy Anniversay R.E.M! :notes: :two_hearts:

From the R.E.M. Timeline -
Support: The Side Effects
Supporting: The $windle$
Possible Set:
Set 1: I Can’t Control Myself / God Save The Queen / Narrator / Baby I / Action / Needles And Pins / Hippy Hippy Shake / There She Goes Again / All The Right Friends / Shakin’ All Over / Secret Agent Man / A Girl Like You / Permanent Vacation / I Can Only Give You Everything / Dangerous Times / Different Girl / Mystery To Me / (I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone / Lisa Says / Nervous Breakdown / Schéhérazade
Set 2: Honky Tonk Women / One Nation Under A Groove / Roadrunner / California Sun / Gloria
Notes: First ever R.E.M. performance. According to the band they thought about using ‘Twisted Kites’ as a band name, but they decided to perform without one. Song order is not known (although ‘I Can’t Control Myself’ and ‘God Save The Queen’ have been acknowledged to be the first two songs played).


24 April
1981 - The B&L Warehouse, Athens, GA**
Supporting: XTC
Set: Radio Free Europe / Burning Down / Dangerous Times / All The Right Friends / Shaking Through / Body Count / Pretty Persuasion / (Don’t Go Back To) Rockville / Hey Hey Nadine / That Beat / Sitting Still / 9-9 / Windout / Gardening At Night
R.E.M. Timeline Notes: This was thought to be the 13 March 1981 show, but after unearthing a tape by Paul Butchart in 2011, it is now thought to be this venue & date.

“That Beat” & “Pretty Persuasion” (SoundCloud)
R.E.M. 1981 - The B&L Warehouse, Athens, GA results on SoundCloud - Listen to music**

2 May
2001 - ‘MTV Sonic’, Spazio Antologico Studio 76, Milan, Italy
Part 1: Imitation Of Life / The Great Beyond / What’s The Frequency, Kenneth? / All The Way To Reno (You’re Gonna Be A Star) / Daysleeper / I’ve Been High / Electrolite / The Lifting / At My Most Beautiful / I’ll Take The Rain
Part 2: The One I Love / She Just Wants To Be / Walk Unafraid / Losing My Religion / Man On The Moon
Part 3: All The Way To Reno (You’re Gonna Be A Star) / So. Central Rain (I’m Sorry) / It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
Notes: Television performance for MTV Italy. First performance of ‘I’ll Take The Rain’. ‘All The Way To Reno (You’re Gonna Be A Star)’ was played twice because of technical difficulties.
From the R.E.M. Timeline
Review by Micky -

I think that every REM show is better than the previous one. Michael Stipe was absolutely glad to play for Italian fans. They did a 90 minutes show for a tv show that usually lasts 30’!
Before they came out, someone of the crew brought some cup of tea on the stage, that’s Mr. Stipe! They played Imitation of life, first, followed by the great beyond and what’s the frequency kenneth, this song drives me insane. Michael was wearing a shirt of violent green under a black suit. When the crowd claimed one by one michael, peter and mike, Stipe told something to Mills that sounded like “there’s a rat in the house” . After 7 or 8 songs they stopped for a while “cause they have to change the tape in the camera so see you later and… take your clothes off!” as said by Michael.

They started again with The one I love followed by smash hits like walk unafraid, losing my religion (“I need your help for the next song”) where everyone sang along with michael, man on the moon. When they came out again for the encore, michael said “we’re gonna play again all the way to reno that we played earlier, cause of technical difficulties, hope you’re ok with that”. Everyone was agree, of course, but after some lines michael looked towards scott and started to laugh. He wasn’t able to stop! I have no idea of what Scott told him but they had to stop playing. He was trying to approach the microphone with a serious face but he couldn’t hold his laughing. He told us again that they had to play that song for technical difficulties; he was trying to convince himself more than us probably . Finally he made it, but he was still smiling when he began to sing. By the way, I think the first time sounded much better than this one. Then came South central rain and End of the world with Michael screaming “what?” and the crowd “fine!” “what?” “fine!”
This was really a great show, the setlist was less wealthy than the promotional tour of two years ago perhaps, but their passion is still there and the new songs are wonderful.

13-14 May
1983 - Paradise Gardens, Summerville, GA
R.E.M. Timeline
Notes: Filming ‘Radio Free Europe’ music video, with Howard Finster, directed by Arthur Pierson.

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May 14
2001 -‘Reveal’* is released everywhere else outside of North America
May 15
‘Reveal’* is released in North America.
From R.E.M. HQ instagram -
“Released on this day in 2001, Reveal is the band’s twelfth studio album, and includes singles “Imitation Of Life,” “All The Way To Reno (You’re Gonna Be A Star),” and “I’ll Take The Rain.” Reveal is the second of three albums the band produced with Pat McCarthy. In Tony Fletcher’s book, Remarks, Mike said, “We were very happy to be making this record. We had gotten through a bunch of crap in the last few years and we had no ongoing crises at the time. And I think that’s what shows up [on the album] and makes it kind of summery and fun.” What’s your favorite track from Reveal?”

The Lifting is one of my favourite tracks from Reveal. I absolutely love the original version of the song. B side together with ‘Beat a Drum’ (Dalkey demo) on the ‘Ímitation Of Life’ single.

“The Lifting” Original version (video - Mario62)