New Band with Bill Berry: The Bad Ends

A video from Nuci’s Space has appeared on youtube. (Athens GA Live music) :musical_score: :musical_note: :+1:


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“Today, Brooklyn Vegan has premiered “The Ballad Of Satan’s Bride,” the third single release from new Athens, GA band The Bad Ends, featuring Mike Mantione of Five Eight and our very own Bill Berry.”


Mirrored from R.E.M. HQ, The Bad Ends releases their fourth single “Mile Marker 29” from their debut album, The Power And The Glory, available from New West Records


The first single caught my ear (the weird guitar licks), but the others haven’t broken through for me.

A review of The Bad Ends debut from American Songwriter, as mirrored from R.E.M. HQ,


Bill Berry and Mike Mantione talk about their band The Bad Ends beginnings. Article from Uncut as posted on R.E.M.HQ


Great album! Bill wrote, and plays on most of the instruments, on an instrumental titled “Ode to Jose”, which is beautiful but kind of resembles “Leave”!

This week’s cover story from Flagpole.


I finally gave the album a listen on Spotify. Not bad, but I think the lyrics/vocals were the weak link at times.

Ode to Jose is interesting, since it’s apparently a Bill Berry composition. Could easily be an Automatic for the People-era outtake. I don’t know how much the rest of the Bad Ends band added to it, but the arrangement reminds me of what post-Berry REM was sometimes missing.