I am craigp. AMA

Due to public demand I’m running an AMA (ask me anything) Want to know what I think of REM? ask me. Want to know who my favourite feak is? Ask me. Want to know why you aren’t happy in life? Ask me. Want to know what a feak is? Tell Ethan we need a glossary.


Where are Craigs A through O?


Great question thanks for asking. My name should be read as cra-igp not craig-p. A lot of people get this wrong.


Will you go drinking with me when I head to London later this year?

Great question, thanks for asking. Yes. I’ll also take you to a gig.

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Crap. I have to return a bunch of stationery.


Uuuum… Ehhhh… you know…

Not in an existential manner, but who the hell is craigp?

Luckily there is an edit feature so posts are dynamic, never stationary.

Say what? @ethank

Where is Zimmerman? aka mountainbed9?


Great question, thanks for asking. How would you like the answer, bullet points or pictures?

Maybe I’m Eric? We might’ve swapped usernames.

An open cloze with multiple choice would be too much, I guess.

Thanks for guessing. You are correct.

When will we the singularity occur? Will we be enslaved by the Watson AI once it takes control of a quantum computer? Is quantum computing a lie?

What’s with the correct spelling of words and use of punctuation?


Gq, tfa.

Earlier than we think.
No that’s not what will enslave us.
It both is and isn’t.

I domt know what you maen?


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Is this the Aussie craigp, or the Kansasan, or the Canadian, or another UK duffer? We need emails.

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