Has Murmurs Run Its Course?

My point wasn’t that every single R.E.M. fan must agree with Peter’s opinion of synth pop, but that a great many of them did and and still do.

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No offense intended towards those that are fans of it but I’ve never particularly been a fan of synth-driven music or what’s referred to as Industrial. For the most part, I’m drawn towards what I would consider the more organic approach of music that uses more traditional instrumentation such as guitar, bass, drums, piano, organ, banjo, mandolin, fiddle, pedal steel, etc. I’m not even the biggest fan of horns, it just depends upon how they’re used.

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How did you get this? I am fascinated.

Hi - murmurs.com been a while.


There’s a thread about it on the main REM section (titled about Reveal being the keast listened to album). I’ve linked the source on there.

No offense taken. Everyone has their own thing. R.E.M. is where we all connect.

How do you know this is not a reflection of increased streaming across the board?

Well, you don’t but at the same time it doesn’t matter. Growth is growth.

Growth is growth, but I am not sure how you can reach the conclusion that these are new listeners and not old listeners migrating from LP/CDs.

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Like i said, it doesn’t matter. They are new listeners that are delivering new revenue to the band. Sure they’ll be some old fans new to spotify, but streaming platforms skew massively to younger markets so it’s highly improbable that the 2m are majority oldies.

Hey, look who’s here! How have you been?

Hi good thanks :slight_smile: hope the same your end? All this murmurs malarkey feels like a lifetime ago… nice to have it back though.

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We’re hanging in there. We were senior members even back in the day, and we’re outright OLD now, so it’s been kind of disconcerting realizing how long 10 years really is!

I don’t come here often because:

-I always forget this place exists
-I’m into other bands right now

Sheepdogs released a new album in June, so did Fastball, and then Collective Soul in August, the Proclaimers last week… Been listening to a lot of C.C.R. and John Fogerty recently.

When’s the next 25th anniversary album?

I’ve come here almost daily since this site was relaunched. I’m here for the comradery. Been listening to a few great recommendations from this site. Currently listening to R.E.M. chronologically beginning at Chronic Town and other records I have from the same year.


Up was released in 1998. Add 25 years to that.

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Oh, lord. I saw 1998 and thought, “Wow, so not for a long time” and then I counted on my fingers, and it’s just around the corner. Hey, maybe the whole shrinking logo thing is related to the way time seems to be speeding up?


I got my nostalgia fix when this place was first rebooted, but I tapered off a bit after that. I still love coming back here, but, ya know, there are only so many hours in the day.


How can it be if you’re dead?


I guess for this site you need REM to be doing interesting things and if they aren’t interested (see NAIHF and Chronic Town reissues) then there’s not much grist for the mill


Peter Buck and/or Scott McCaughey usually have something brewing. As does Mills, even if it’s to a lesser extent. At present he will be taking part in several concerts that celebrate the 50th anniversary of Big Star’s debut album, #1 Record. All this aside, the off-topic section of Murmurs usually stayed pretty busy even during album/tour cycles. With few exceptions, message boards and list servs have been displaced by the popularity of social media.