Has Murmurs Run Its Course?

Very true! seeing someone else online at the same time is like seeing an unicorn…
Nevertheless I still like to regularly come back, hoping someone someday will reply to one of my threads lol

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I was listening on Spotify earlier, and noticed R.E.M. are now at almost 17m monthly listeners! That’s some impressive growth since my previous comment. More so considering there’s currently no “re-heat” moment like a re-release or other media attention.


Looks like REM are having a moment :slight_smile: :+1:t5: :notes:!

If anyone is interested I took a look at monthly listeners for Pixies, Sonic Youth and REM as these are quoted above from last September:

Sonic Youth Sep22 1.9M Nov23 1.8M Growth -5%
Pixies Sep22 6M Nov23 9.5M Growth 58%
REM Sep22 14.5M Nov23 18.4M Growth 27%


That’s good. Hopefully more people will continue to discover them.


Just looking back on this and realizing that your hope of R.E.M. being featured prominently in a hit TV show came true to a degree with Strange Currencies and Half A World Away being central to The Bear season 2. Although not IRS-era and not quite the same primarily younger demographic that made the Kate Bush song such a viral hit all those years later, I’m hopeful that it showed some people that 90’s R.E.M. has much more to offer than just the mega-hits and has created more interest in the band.

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