Football (soccer)

Share your passion for football (soccer) in here, your thoughts about it, your special memories about it.
Who will win the Champions League this year? Who will win the World Cup? Wich is the best national league? Will Superleague ever happen?
Why is football nowadays less exciting than it was in the past when there was, IMO, more magic and players had other kind of freedom on the pitch?

Feel free to talk about your likes or dislikes about the sport.

Who is going to win the Champions League? Hard to look past Bayern or Man City. Chelsea don’t quite seem to be at it in the league but who knows when it comes to knock-out football.

Hard to believe there is a World Cup this year. It will be so surreal watching it at Christmas time, and then there are all the human rights issues too. France will be strong. Again. Who knows what kind of Brazil will turn up?

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Dunno who’s gonna win the CL this year, but next year will be Celtic. :wink:

In all seriousness, I’m loving our team this year.

Japan are my outside bet for the World Cup.

VAR is rubbish.

That’s about all I have to say at the moment!

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I love Celtic. Sure you won’t win the CL next year but the last and only time you won the European Cup was in my country. The Lisbon Lions!

You do have a very exciting portuguese prospect on loan, and believe me, I follow that boy since he was 14 years old and saw him winning 2 european championships, U17 and U19, and can tell you he is solid gold.
He was very pressured here due to the fast success of João Félix. But when they were colleagues at junior level, Jota was always better than him. At senior level he tried too hard to do everything right and that’s when things started to go wrong. He needed to start all over again and I’m sure he will be a world class player in the future. In a couple of years he will be the best Portuguese player only behind Bernardo Silva.
I’m cheering both for him and Celtic, legendary club.

This year I think City will finally win the cup. Of course, I wanted Benfica to win, but that’s impossible.
City have Ederson, Cancelo, Ruben Dias and Bernardo Silva, all of them former Benfica players and all of them serious Benfica supporters, so will cheer for them.

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Hey, American living in Germany here. I bought the Bundesliga package this year so I’m getting a lot more knowledge on the teams, particularly the 2nd BL as Werder Bremen got relegated last year. This league is pretty crazy right now as the top 6 teams are separated by 6 points, a group that includes 3 traditional 1st BL teams. Bayern will run away with the title, AGAIN, and they and Manchester City probably are the top two picks for the CL.

The Americans probably have some of the tip talent they’ve ever had but are playing below what they are capable of. It used to be the other way around. They should qualify for Qatar but probably won’t so much.


Probably right. It will be either City or Bayern.

World Cup… well, I do believe France has the best roster, the most talented players. Brazil is always a favourite, but nowadays they have to realize they have much to learn with Europeans. And you can see that looking at the last 3 Libertadores editions and see that the winner manages are european (portuguese) and both of them not even top-managers.
It’s funny because many years ago brazilian managers brought success to Portuguese teams, especially Otto Gloria in the 50s and 60s at Benfica and National team in 66 and more recently Scolary with the national team.

Bundesliga is right now the most competitive league in Europe.

I LOVE Jota. He’s been amazing for us. Two goals last night! I hope we can keep him. He is loved by all Celtic fans. If I’m honest, he’s too good for Celtic. He needs to play in a better league. But he seems to love the club. And we love him. I really hope he stays.

Lisbon is a legendary place for all Celtic fans. I hope to visit one day!

Yeah, if you’re playing for 2nd. Bayern has won 9 titles in a row. It’s probably more competitive overall but BM’s dominance does hurt the league.

The WC should be interesting with the timing, location, and Corona. I kinda feel that it us up in the air and maybe a team like Belgium gets a title.


Don’t underestimate the climate when it comes to the World Cup. It will be very hot. I think the European teams may struggle. I’d expect a South American winner. Or maybe this will the time for an African team?

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AFC Bournemouth checking in :cherries::cherries::cherries: Hopefully :crossed_fingers: recovering from our mid-season slump and heading back to the Premier League…

You are right. But Bayern is by far the biggest club in Germany in terms of support. Nowadays when there is such a big difference, because much more support means much more money, it means that team will win almost every time, unless the board is not competent.
Same in Italy with Juventus, in Portugal with Benfica and Romania with Steaua. Specially in Portugal and Romania the difference is so big (both have the support of half the country) that if they don’t win is due to incompetence.

Nah… it will be between an European team or Brazil…

Sure you will return to the Premier League next season along with Fulham.
Unfortunatly Forest will have to wait for another year. Always liked them… red shirt and socks and white shorts, twice european champions… what’s not to like?

Chester FC fan here :seal::seal::seal:


Only £7.5M is a great bargain.

Hope you get to visit Lisbon, you’ll enjoy it a lot and you should visit Estádio Nacional do Jamor, National Stadium, where Celtic won the Cup under Jock Stein guidance.

It’s a very special city with a very special light. I Recall R.E.M. spent a week there, rehearsing for the ATS tour and loved the town. Stipe just wear a hat and sunglasses and visited a lot of spots.

I have a soft spot for Forest, but mainly because they are perennial underachievers so I feel sorry for them :laughing: Glad to see Steve Cook has settled in well there, he was a great player for us.

It would be an amazing bargain! But I think it’s down to Jota. There will be a few English teams looking at him. Maybe he’ll want to go to a higher level. I hope he stays. If Celtic win the league this year we will be straight into the CL group stage, no qualifiers. That might persuade him to stay! He’s a brilliant player. Even better than our last great Portuguese player, Jorge Cadete!

I recall Cadete, after playing for you went to Spain to play for Celta Vigo and then came to Benfica. I remember the chant you had for him, he was a good striker but not had the talent Jota has.

Later, Cadete participated in a Big Brother on Portuguese tv. And at some point, lost all his money.

A great striker that played both for Celtic and Benfica was the Dutch Van Hoijdoonk. Great guy.

At this point there are 3 options for Jota: returning to Benfica (and believe me, he loves the club), sign for Celtic or go to a Premier League Club. I think he will choose to stay in Glasgow and grow up there and then at some point move to England.

Hope you win the league.

Thank you! Me too. Loved big Pierre. We had Cadete, Van Hoijdoonlk, and Di Canio in the same season! But didn’t win the league…

I think if Jota stays at Celtic for at least one more year, he will go to England for 30m after that. Maybe Benfica want to re-negotiate a sell-on clause?!

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