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I’ve been a fan of this band for quite some time and had high hopes for this new double album. Unfortunately, every song is slow to mid-tempo. The songs themselves aren’t bad by any stretch but with the pace hardly changing from song to song it doesn’t make for very dynamic listening.

This one was recommended to me over 20 years ago so I’m glad to finally be able to listen to it all these years later.


Though I’d likely heard Sammi Smith before, it was the inclusion of “This Room for Rent” on the 2005 Oxford American Southern Music Sampler that piqued my interest in her. I’ve been meaning to dig deeper, then I learned of this newly released compilation on Ace Records. A further incentive to take the plunge are two previously unreleased Guy Clark covers (“Desperadoes Waiting for A Train” and “Texas 1947”).

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Two listens in some favorites are starting to emerge. The first was “The Driver” which opens the album. Now, it’s “Wilder Days,” which closes it.

“Archie, Marry Me” from this album is what first led me down the Alvvays rabbit hole sometime last fall. It was quickly followed by “Next of Kin” (also from this album). I have been binged on all of their music since then but this is only the second time I’ve listened to this album as a whole. I can see this soon becoming one of my all time favorites of recent years. They just announced a tour but unfortunately, the show closest to me is clear on the other side of the state.

Of all of my recent purchases, this is neck and neck for my favorite with Welcome 2 Club XIII. I had only heard two or three songs prior to purchasing this album, all of which I loved. However, that was no indication that I would love the rest of the album just as much (if not more) than those songs. Much to my delight that is exactly what’s happened. This, after only two listens.

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Complied by Grateful Dead archivist David Lemieux from previously released recordings, this excellent primer in live Dead comes with the June 2022 issue of Mojo magazine.

I’ve only listened to the Margo Cilker once, but I liked it. Will revisit. I’ve finally succumbed to Spotify. In my free trial phase, so I’m trying to listen to as much as I can before the adverts kick in…

Recently I’ve enjoyed some Julien Baker, and I’ve been catching up on some of the King Creosote back catalogue.

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Only my second listen since I picked this up back in the beginning of May. I have no problem whatsoever with the more pop direction Lydia has headed in with her two most recent albums but I’d also be lying if I said I don’t also miss the more rocking nature of Somewhere Else and Boy Crazy (EP). At this point I’ve seen her more solo (and in duo format) than with a full band, which I also miss. Not that I haven’t enjoyed the solo and duo shows, I most certainly have.

Alvvays - Antisocialites

I didn’t dislike this on first listen it was just that I wasn’t as into it as their debut. I’m definitely enjoying it more the second time around.


The Icelandic darkwave band, Kælan Mikla, is playing here in Atlanta on November 5 at a tiny venue. I can’t wait.
i discovered them because they are on the same record label as ACTORS.

Heartless Bastards - A Beautiful Life

Second listen. This is also fast becoming one of my favorites of my recent purchases. I’m looking forward to hearing more by them.

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