Around The Sun and Collapse Into Now - Vinyl Reissue

This just came in by email from REMHQ:

The band is pleased to announce vinyl reissues for the long-out-of-print albums Around The Sun and Collapse Into Now! Set for release on July 14th, both records are available to pre-order today.

The chart-topping Around The Sun includes such highlights as “Leaving New York,” “Aftermath ,” “Electron Blue ” and “Wanderlust ,” plus “The Outsiders.” Collapse Into Now, which marks the band’s 15th and final studio album, includes the singles “Überlin,” “Oh My Heart” and “It Happened Today.”

The albums were cut by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and pressed on 180-gram vinyl at Memphis Records Pressing. In addition to the wide black editions check out for exclusive limited-edition color pressings: Around the Sun (2-LP) will be available on an Opaque White vinyl, while Collapse Into Now (1-LP) is available on Milky Clear vinyl.

AROUND THE SUN (LIMITED OPAQUE WHITE LP) - color edition (limited to 500 copies worldwide).
COLLAPSE INTO NOW (LIMITED MILKY CLEAR LP) - color edition (limited to 1,000 copies worldwide).


Their European shop has shut down, so ordering the two limited ones will set me back 110usd - and then about 40usd import tax on top. That’s sadly just too much. :frowning:

I’ve been reading about this just now, and this is what I found:

Fingers crossed that it will not incur any additional import duty (provided they do all the correct paperwork). Assume this is the case with USD 41 in shipping. I’ve been lucky a few times in the past, although the Natalie Merchant pre-order red vinyl was a miss - had to pay 18 USD in import charges.

EDIT: checked my order information. Under shipping method it states: “International Priority (Duties and Taxes Unpaid)” :frowning:

Yeah… Sometimes you can get lucky and have items pass through, but it rarely happens anymore. It was a big bummer when UK left the EU and made everything shipped from a European shop (almost always UK based) again eligible for duties and tax. Insane postage + import tax.

Yes unfortunately… so let’s be ready guys to pay for extra money :expressionless:

By the way, why these releases if we will get the 25th anniversary of UP this year?
Short of money? Lol or it means they don’t foresee any 25th release for these 2?

Around the Sun is the only one I don’t have on vinyl. But being in the UK, it might be just as prohibitively expensive as the original copies that turn up on eBay every now and again.

Probably not Brexit-related as it’s the US, but I never like to miss an opportunity to say: Thanks, Brexit, ya fucking dick…

Hope it doesn’t mean Up is the last of the 25th reissues.

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Limited edition of ATS is sold out already…

The white one was limited to only 500 copies. I guess they didn’t think it would sell as much as Collapse Into Now.

Another NAIHF fiasco. These will go up on eBay for much more!

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I’m guessing I’m one of the few that doesn’t always see these sort of things as a “money grab.” That said, these would certainly seem to indicate that there may not be 25th anniversary editions ahead beyond Up. I say that only because so far, at least most of them have been accompanied by a vinyl release.


Last night I already saw few ATS on eBay at over 200 euro….

Likewise here, very happy and always grabbed these releases apart the marble NAIHF…

Some of these sellers are listed as businesses!!!

I’m not sure if it is possible, but perhaps an advanced pre-order option for fans would be helpful!


I was lucky that the email arrived during daytime and a saw the notification immediately. As for NAIHF, I was one of the unlucky ones to receive that email saying that my pre-order was cancelled. Had to get my copy from ebay, thankfully as a reasonable price.

I really think it was a missed opportunity to release an “electron blue” vinyl version of Around the Sun. In my dream version of it, it would be a transparent blue vinyl. I’ll be fine with my black vinyl version too, just happy to have a reissue of it finally coming to market long before 2029. Would still love some sort of expanded version of Reveal & Around the Sun on CD and/or vinyl at some point…


Ah that’s a thought. One disc sparkling blue (Electron Blue) and the other sparkling red (Wanderlust) would have been cool.


CIN sold out too :open_mouth:

Yes, I believe that the moment they’re printed in one color (or another) actually the whole concept of colour in vinyl is to realise very quick profits. I understand that from the point of view of audio quality a common black vinyl is just as good (or better, there’s an ongoing debate between audiophiles) but yes, being a longstanding fan I would have preferred the colour ones. I couldn’t place an order for the New Adventures in Hi Fi (splattered) as it sold out in minutes, same with the recent Kevn Kinney by the time I was checking out in the website there was no stock left and ended up without a copy.

On the other hand if by any chance the reissue of Accelerate comes in the following weeks, it’d be interesting whether it’s a 33 rpm. As far as I remember the Warner pressing was a 45 rpm and it’s probably one of the reasons I don’t play it very often since the project turntable does require to adjust the belt, better if I can get a 33 rpm.

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Not sure what’s happening as Around the Sun looks like it’s available again to buy and Collapse into Now sold out.
I managed to get a copy of each straight away following the email.
500 copies seems extremely low for a band of their size

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Thanks. Decided to risk the possibility of customs charges and order ATS. Shipping/taxes was $19, taking it to almost £50uk, before customs.

Anyway, a “technical issue” meant that my payment wasn’t processed. I’m taking that as a sign. I’d love to have it on vinyl, it’s the only one I don’t have on vinyl. But it’s just too pricey.