Anyone watching the Rust trial?

So I’m binging the Rust shooting trial in which Cinematographer Helena Hutchins was shot and killed by Alec Baldwin firing a live bullet? This trial is concerning the armourer Hannah Guiterrez Reed, whether she was negligent of her role of the presence of live rounds on set. The only ammunition permitted on set were blank/dummy bullets.

I personally believe Alec Baldwin is responsible for the negligent manslaughter. He was both director and lead actor, and ran a sloppy set where some live rounds (NO! NO! NEVER!) were on set at the time of the shooting. I’m undecided about Hannah G Reed. She was very young and inexperienced
for the role of armourer, and Baldwin was getting this callow young woman in the role to save money.

I’m probably the only one bothering to watch the trial. I love things like this. I binged the whole Depp vs Heard trial and was happy with the verdict. But I’m weird like that. There are astonishing number of youtube channels covering the Rust courtroom every day so I’m not the only one.

Alec Baldwin’s trial for negligent manslaughter is scheduled for July. I can’t wait. If he’s not going down, there’s no justice in the world.

Here’s a quick overview of the case by Emily D Baker. It’s on youtube. Gives the most pertinent deets, although 6 days have elapsed since posted and Hannah G has provided some self incriminating evidence on questions with the police since.

I’m not sure if the trial is being screened here. The overview video is interesting!

Lori, If you have YouTube, you have a wide choice of channels covering the trial inside the courtroom. Emily D Baker is very well qualified ( she was as Assistant DA in California for years), but she interrupts the proceedings too much and it eats up time listening to her commentary. I like Legal Bytes which is where I’m viewing the trial. The host is an accredited lawyer ( actually I believe most of them are ). It’s getting super interesting now. Alec Baldwin’s trial isn’t until July, but this case is so outrageous, I’m hooked. The defendant, Hannah Gutierrez was not suitable for the role of armorer. This has been shown by a number of expert witnesses, and whether Hannah G Reed will be acquitted or not remains to be seen. Alec Baldwin though is down and done in the industry even before his trial. He is so arrogant and rude as shown in footage from the dismally run set (his responsibility). If you enjoy watching real courtroom footage, this trial is a must. What a clusterfuck! And yes, there are Australian viewers! My husband puts up with it being on for hours, but I find this case so bizarre I’m totally addicted.

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No court over the weekend. Trial is about halfway done. Today was day 7. I’ve managed to catch most of it. I’ll post another of Emily’s court summaries as soon as it’s posted. It’s good to get a break, I get obsessive about this stuff. It’s like reading a fantastic mystery.

Emily’s 2nd summary of the trial


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It’s good to have Emily break the day’s sessions into bite size pieces.

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Woah. Emily is on fire keeping the summaries coming!

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They should have had at least two armorers on the set to double check the guns had blanks in them.

They only needed one competent one. Cheapskate Baldwin didn’t even want to pay for that. So he hired Guiterrez Reed, 23 years old and it was obvious from day 1 she was out of her depth. She even asked for additional training! That fell on deaf ears. Yesterday was so boring I couldn’t watch all of it. The only interesting part was when a woman gofer took the stand to relate how despite not knowing HGR, she was asked to please hold onto a bag containing a smaller bag containing a white powder. This lady is a recovering drug addict and as soon as she saw what Hannah had handed off to her, binned it. There were police prowling the hotel. Later, when H wanted her “stuff” back, she was pissed to find out gofer lady had chucked it away. The rest of the trial was tedious experts who couldn’t get to the bottom of anything but spent an entire day boring everyone to tears, including the jury. I’ll post Emily’s summary. Maybe she noticed something I didn’t.

Hmm. Emily’s quick bits for yesterday aren’t up yet. Until they are, here’s a short clip about the drug baggie. It’s not long, but it’s relevant and at least interesting. Don’t watch the day 8 trial footage unless you want to become comatose with boredom.

Emily’s summary of yesterday. Even she said the evidence was a pointless waste of time apart from the alleged double bag of cocaine. Hours of my life I’ll never get back
Here’s day 8 quick bits

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I’m in a few movie crew groups on Facebook and have been following off and on. While Baldwin is at fault to some extent, as the armorer, shouldn’t she be the one to check the weapon on set and right before cameras roll? The gun should have been in her hand right up to the “picture up!” call.

That is my understanding. I know nothing about guns, and have had quite the education regarding them and various kinds of ammunition. It has been universally agreed by all expert witnesses that the armorer on a movie set is entirely responsible for the safety of any firearm. Hannah Guiterrez’s case is that the Rust set was chaotic Alec Baldwin is a spoiled uncontrollable bully that no- one dared to cross, let alone a young, inexperienced novice. Personally, I don’t know how I would vote on the jury. It appears that HGR was expected to help with general film props in addition to her armorer responsibilities. I am undecided whether she is guilty of negligent behaviour on the job. The things that involve my indecision are
1- the mysterious white powder she tried to stash on another person in the case, at the hotel
2- after being Mirandised she decided she didn’t need an attorney while being questioned by police. She sat and chatted with the officers, very relaxed, occasionally swearing and acting like they were her college chums. She is very immature and I think completely unfit to act as armorer full stop. My impression is she now has no future as armorer, which is for the best. That is perhaps punishment enough regarding this unholy mess.
The person I find culpable for this entire tragedy is Alec Baldwin. He is the producer of the film as well as the person who shot and killed Helena Hutchins and wounded another person on set. His claim of never pulling the trigger is disputed by all the witnesses involved. IMO, he’s the one that needs to be held responsible and face charges. Just my opinion.

Well, the witnesses have all left the building and the prosecution have made their opening statement to the jury. And what an opening statement it is.
Poor Hannah’s goose may be on its way to the pot.
It was pretty damning.

Court is now at lunch. The defence will now give their case, rebuttals, etc. They have a very steep hill to climb.
Not only that, but the prosecution can redirect after the defence’s summation.
The jury will then go away to deliberate whether Hannah Guiterrez was criminally negligent resulting in the death of Helena Hutchins or not.
This is the exciting part. I’m not sure if there is a limit on time the jury can deliberate. I’ll just give you Emily’s take. She knows the stuff I don’t.

It’s long, but it’s worth it. If you’re interested.

Um, link isn’t working/is wrong but if you go to Emily D Baker’s Law Nerd channel on YouTube you’ll get the lowdown.

Closing finished. The jury is considering their verdict. Could be hours, could be days.

That was quick. Found guilty, within a very short space of time. Hasn’t been sentenced yet. Could be probation or she could be looking at some jail time.
Alec Baldwin must be shitting himself.

Heard on the news tonight (it’s been local news here), that she was immediately put in jail and will be staying there until her sentencing. That surprised me.