Anyone watching the Rust trial?

Kelly, the jury took less than three hours to find her guilty of involuntary manslaughter. That surprised me. It was unanimous. 12 jurors all found her guilty real fast.
I think the footage played of her conduct really was damning. She had a party attitude and really was negligent. She wasn’t fit for the role of armorer.
I hope she doesn’t get jail time. It won’t be for long, but
other people on set somehow got immunity from prosecution. With luck, she’ll just get probation. Her useless lawyer said they plan to appeal. Waiting for sentencing now.

Saw the verdict on the news tonight too. Saw pics of a live bullet and a blank one. There is a remarkable difference. I’m not an expert.

There are so many types of bullet it really is a difficult to tell them apart. Dummies predominantly have either a hole punched into the side or hold BBs inside. The BBs rattle when you shake the bullet. That’s proof they’re dummies or blanks.
But some people (Baldwin) are so obsessed about authenticity they use blanks that look like live rounds. They’ve had the gunpowder and charge taken out. The problem with that is obvious. They look real. You’d be surprised to see how many kinds of prop gun ammo is available. This case will absolutely tighten up the regulations for ammunition in the entertainment industry.
In this case Alec Baldwin and his massive ego was the problem. I won’t cry if he gets a custodial sentence. He still intends to promote and screen Rust! No doubt there will be idiots disappointed that Helena Hutchins tragic shooting isn’t in it. What a fucking mess.

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This is the last of Emily D Baker’s quick sum ups, this time for the verdict. It appears Hannah Guiterrez will remain in custody until sometime in April for sentencing when it will be decided whether she needs to do further time or probation.

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The verdict was on the main news tonight. I haven’t followed it all so really can’t comment. The girl accused looked very young to me and apparently it was her first job in this position. All too tragic.

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This isn’t breaking news, but Baldwin is attempting to dismiss the case against him so he doesn’t have to stand trial or account for his actions. It’s a get out of jail tactic that is pissing me off so much. Of course he can afford the most expensive lawyers. But there is enough video footage of him waving guns around recklessly while running and rolling on the ground. Every expert testified that the golden rule number 1 is never point a gun at anyone you don’t intend to shoot, yet he did exactly that many times.

Taken from Emily D Baker’s quick bits:

Alec Baldwin files a motion to dismiss the grand jury indictment claiming error within jury instructions. It is also revealed that the prosecution offered Bladwin the same plea deal that was given to Dave Halls, 6 months of unsupervised probation and misdemeanor. But in a turn of events, the prosecution withdrew the offer 10 days before the offer expired and indicted him. Hannah Gutierrez files a New Trial motion because of a New Mexico Supreme Court decision. Prosecution responded to the motion and a hearing has been set for Friday, March 29th. I will cover it on my long form channel.

My quick thoughts — Alec Baldwin disgusts me beyond words. He’s content letting Hannah GR stew in jail while he tries to get his trial cancelled. Yes, Guiterrez Reed was negligent. She was possibly the one who brought live rounds on set, knowingly or unknowingly. However, she’s lost her prized ambition of ever getting media work now. She’s 23, not a flight risk and has already served prison time. Put her on parole, and let her re-invent a future .

Baldwin is an utter bastard. His lawyers have filed a 700 page report on why he shouldn’t be tried. Based on the fact he wasn’t the armorer. Ignoring his reckless behaviour on set, and why should I,
, he’s a producer. The real nail in the coffin, though is him absolutely refuting he pulled the trigger. He said it again and again ad infinitum. Unfortunately, the FBI and other firearm experts unanimously agree that he had to have pulled it. I want him to get a custodial sentence. But given his wealth and connections, he probably won’t. Maybe the best I can hope for is the disgraceful end of his career. Watching his behaviour on set was like witnessing a rampaging lunatic on acid. Ugh.

New Emily quickbits!

She just posted an update on HGR’s motion to get a new trial. It don’t look too good☹️

She then goes on to summarise the Baldwin shenanigans. Seeing as the documents are 700 pages she can’t do a deep dive. She hasn’t read it. She promised she would. Looking forward to that. You can stop watching when the deodorant ad starts cos after that it’s about 2 cases I know very little about, and don’t see that changing.

OMG this trial sounds so complicated. A big mess because of sub standard safety protocols.

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All these highbrow legal cases are complicated. That’s what I like about watching them. I may not be happy with the result, but I find the process fascinating.
In this case, like with so many other celebrities you get some asshole thinking they’re above the law. Don’t even bother to learn it. Don’t care about common sense. Things like:

Not pointing a gun at anyone unless you intend to shoot them

Make sure your employees are fit for the job and check things yourself if they’re potentially lethal

Don’t be a dick about dropping the young inexperienced person you hired to save money and later focus on your own whiny ass mistakes and refuse to account for your own culpability.
Fuck you, Alec Baldwin.

Bad news, guys. Hannah’s request for a new trial was dismissed. Her lawyer is an ass. He made a stupid argument about specific wording used in evidence. He didn’t mention it when it might have counted, DURING the trial, but no. He trots it out now. HGR is back in her cell. Emily went so far to say HGR would have been better represented by state funded council which is pretty damning. The footage was surreal. Her lawyer on video link with a painting of a church behind him. The steeple was poised right above his head. It looked exactly like a clown hat. People in the chat were splitting their sides. I hope shedoesn’t have to remain in custody until Baldwin’s trial, which he’s still trying to slime his way out of.

OK, this makes more sense.Emily’s quick bits clear up some of what I was wondering. I agree, HGR’s sentencing is in just 2 weeks It would be more disruptive that she be set free now potentially to have to go back to jail. Better to wait two weeks and see what the sentence is. I think it’s likely HGR will be released on parole. Emily’s keeping an open view because she knows the law can be a bitch. Here’s the lowdown re: Emily’s quick bits.

ETA - the steeple on the Hannah’s lawyer’s head? Good grief.

Oh my. Emily kept her word as always and went through the entire legal ping pong attorney snark in the Rust case. Baldwin is despicable beyond even my wildest imaginings. The 300 page document his lawyers provided was mostly Baldwin bullshit, and used as distraction for his horrible negligence and tyranny on set.
Turns out, Baldwin was offered immunity early on in the proceedings. He ignored this chance because he was set on making a documentary about Halyna Hutchins, after she was killed.
He was proposing getting celebrities including Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren involved. To do what? As it turns out, neither made any confirmation of this and probably wondered WTF he was talking about.
Directly after the fatal shooting B gave several interviews to press and media, a lot of which contradicted his previous accounts, and is now fodder for his downfall.
WHY WOULD HE MAKE A DOCUMENTARY ABOUT THE WOMAN HE SHOT AND KILLED DURING FILMING? My mind is boggled. Emily herself was so taken aback regarding this she almost fell off her chair. The proposed documentary was the reason the immunity plea was rescinded from Baldwin, and criminal manslaughter charges were re- filed against him for a Grand Jury. The details that came out are unbelievable. He is so self obsessed and arrogant it’s unreal. His behaviour on set was reckless and unprofessional. He berated cast and crew for trivial reasons. He ignored direction from the director he hired.He’s seen on bodycam footage running around randomly firing guns at cast and crew. I thought he was crazy before this stuff came out. Now it’s obvious he’s pathological.

I’m finding it hard to believe this guy thinks his 300 page utter bullshit is going to make this case go away, or find him blameless. That he’s trying to use celebrity friends to blacken the name of the woman he killed is beyond disgusting. I doubt the actors he named agreed or even knew he was plotting this vile documentary, let alone take part in it.
Emily D Baker is a former California DA, and even she was stunned by the details that came out re: Baldwin’s behaviour, and the contradictory media coverage he arranged on multiple networks and platforms. I hope all this self serving pissing about with the truth and smears he’s been promoting
result in his undoing.
Dunno if anyone else here has any interest in the case, but it’s been a revelation to me how vile some celebrities really are, and still think they are above the law. I’m gobsmacked. Thanks to EDB for her excellent coverage of the Rust trial. It’s been…eye opening. And Baldwin’s trial isn’t until July. I’m following this to the bitter end.

This episode on Emily’s channel is 4+ hours long, and I’m pretty sure nobody but me’s interested enough to watch it.

ETA. No need to watch 4 hours of content. Emily has posted the quick bits. I love her to pieces.

I saw footage of that too, and rushing the armorer Hannah Gutierrez to reload.

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