Any new REM news?

Ethan, I am so happy you brought murmurs back. And look at the reaction! We are growing by the day. What a terrific reunion.
My question though - is this a reunion site for past members to meet and talk about anything and everything? Or is there some possibility that we might be hearing something new from REM? Even a general catch up. Is Bill still farming? What’s Mike doing? I DEFINITELY have to listen to Peter’s albums, but every time I try I get too inolved laughing to the song titles and album covers to search them out. What is JMS doing? Poetry? Photography?
I am happy either way. So many long lost friends, such big changes in our lives. I guess what I’m asking if this board still has REM as it’s main focus. I miss them. Either way, just thanks!

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So there’s no news other than what you see. Michael will likely have some stuff soon, which he’s talked about, and there will be an Up reissue.

I brought this back because regardless of REM being a band or not, they WERE still a band. What I realized in the 10 years since the break up is that the family around that band, all the way out to the fans, still exists and is strong.

It’s REM as the common thread, but I think what I realized and I hope others do too, is that REM stood for something that unites us all outside of the music.


Great answer.Thank you. I felt at home almost immediately.


This book came out last year, and I did read it. It’s more about the B-52s than R.E.M., but it does have stories about them, and lots of other artists like Pylon, Let’s Active, and Matthew Sweet (although be forewarned: She had nothing good to say about him).


I do wish you had a secret, though. That they were secretly talking. It was the re-emergence of murmurs that gave birth to that thought. That was but a fleeting and passing thought, though, by the way. Not something I’m thinking about 24/7.

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I think they are happy this way and all the 4 have projects that fullfill their lives.

Sure, they could gather for 1 month every 4 years and record new songs, but if they feel they don’t need that and are happy with that decision I’m happy for them.
Probably they think they had a wonderful career as a band (wich is true) and don’t need to add anything else to it.

IMO honesty and integrity was always a big part of what R.E.M. was and still is and they seem honest when they say a come back will never happen.
Their first years were very intense, then worldwide success came and I know it’s not easy to deal with it. People always expect more and more and more and it’s better this way, everything has it’s time, and R.E.M. had theirs.

At this point, the only thing I really wanted (it won’t happen) is the chance to have a single second to thank Michael, Mike and Bill (with Peter I had) for helping me to be me. It may seem weird or ridiculous, but I wouldn’t be te person I am without them. 1 second (well, let’s just say one minute) would be enough.

Glad they are all still friends.


Sincerely hoping for a Stipe album, but also a Mills one.

Buck’s albums are truly difficult to buy. Wish I could have them physically one day, until now have to hear them in mp3.


Oh I get it. It’s just a dream. But it was a one second dream. I enjoyed it while it lasted.

They can sing at my BD in August. :wink: party band NOT.

What about Bill? I’ve been praying for solo music from him for years… rumor has it that he’s working on music at his home studio for a few years now…

Well, he recently worked with Tractor Bar.

Also, I guess he prefers to be far from any spotlight. And probably far from solo music, but he recorded 2 songs many years ago.
To be honest, I guess they all prefer to be far from the spotlight. The only true celebrity in the band is Michael, and at least during many years guess he was not very comfortable with it, but it came with the job…
Like Buck once said (more or lesse): “I’m not famous, I play guitar in a band where the singer is a celebrity, wich is kind of being the tallest midget in the world and I like it that way. I don’t know how Michael does it.”

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I think that Pete and Bill prefer to be far from the spotlight and Mike & Michael sort of love the spotlight…

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I think they like it because its on their own terms now, without the cycle of delivering for each other or a record company. I can confirm that Michael is very happy.


I always hope Mike will release a solo album. A pure power pop album would be so amazing. He did mention doing it on the RU Talkin R.E.M. RE Me podcast a couple of years ago.

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And I’m happy he’s happy. I don’t know him personally but I love him even though. And liking someone means we should always be happy when they find happiness.

I think he as the perfect voice for a very poppy album

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There was a lovely and very random interview with Bill during lockdown. You can listen here


Already listened to it. Bill seems like a great guy, simple and humble.

Yeah, thanks, I’ve heard it back then. It’s nice and it is certainly great to hear from him but the interviewer was’nt very REM-oriented and different questions would’ve been nice…

I think they’ll be true to their word and never perform as REM again. Bill Reiflin’s passing adds an extra layer unlikelihood as well.

That said, I think there’ll be moments in the future. I think it’s only a matter of time before Michael gets on stage with a Mike/Peter side project for a few numbers. My other prediction would be Michael performing a crowd pleaser like losing my Religion in some capacity. You kind of pick up in his interviews that there are bits he misses so can imagine him wanting to send the crowd wild one last time at least.

I also think there’s a small chance the full band including Bill could play together again, but only if it was for a significant reason. Maybe a tribute concert for another artist they loved or maybe charity. Don’t think that’s completely impossible, but they won’t call themselves REM. That’s the loophole. :wink:

I think they also promised a backyard reunion show, so there’s a lot to look forward to.