YouTube Finds from the Vaults

Share any cool finds from YouTube here! Here’s mine.

If you squint and look by Scott on stage right, you can see me and Amy :slight_smile:


A friend of mine said that myself and some friends appeared on the big screens briefly at the Raleigh show in 2008 but of all the videos I’ve seen from that concert I haven’t spotted us. We were on the front row thanks to the fan club.

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Okay, so technically it’s 10,000 Maniacs, but with Michael making a guest appearance. I absolutely adore how exquisitely 90s this video is:

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This was my first R.E.M. concert and I got it on VHS a year or so later. Eventually uploaded it to YouTube a couple of years ago R.E.M. - Full Show - Cardiff, Wales, July 23rd 1995 - YouTube


Performance in Trafalgar Square, with a shot of me and a friend in the crowd jumping up and down


March 13, 2008 - Austin, Texas (yes?)

Just for the juxtaposition.

I love both, but cherish the first.

Here’s a clip of (in my view) mediocre early 90s British comedian’s Hale and Pace lampooning the life out of REM.

I was never a fan but there are some moments in this that made me crease when I saw it on TV. Particular the Stipe/Mills-esque call and response refrain of:

“He’s a pretentious twat”

“I am”

“You are”

I’d not seen it since it aired and FYI, its blocked in the UK so need a VPN if you’re from here.

Trigger Warning: don’t watch if your precious about your fandom.

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Michael Stipe in the short film, Arena Brains. I’ve seen this before but it hadn’t clicked that he’s doing the scene with Richard Schiff, aka Toby from West Wing! The film also featured Ray Liotta and Steve Buscemi, amongst others. The full thing is on YouTube I think, but I haven’t watched it.