Where I've Been

So some real honesty:

Since the spring I’ve been dealing with some shit in my personal life, where certain things were triggering pretty strong anxiety/PTSD-like reactions. One of those things was Murmurs (like, actually going to the site), the other was certain REM songs. I have no idea why. Well, I do, but not something to post here.

Anyhow, a lot has happened in the last two months, namely leaving my job, having some time to decompress and such. I’m not 100%, but trying. I’ll try to be here more now.


I hope things continue to improve. The past three years or so (since 2016 for me, really) have been such an incredible shitshow worldwide that I’m always astonished to meet anyone who hasn’t been struggling. It’s good that you could step back and take the time to deal with things.


Thanks for checking in. Here’s hoping the best for you.

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Hopeful things stay on the upswing for you.


Indeed, hope you are doing better now.

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Dude, take care of yourself. Last year, well, spring 2020-spring 2021, was one of the hardest parts of my life. I struggled in every single aspect. It was hard and scary and difficult. I pulled back from friends so I could have time to myself. I was FAR from 100%.

Do what you need to do. If this site or any other site is triggering and causing anxiety: shut it down. You don’t owe us anything. And we’d all understand and probably support it.


Take care mate. It’s always good to see you online.


We’ve missed you Ethan, we’ll be here at murmurs when you need a friend. x

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Good to hear from you and to know what is happening. I’m sorry it’s not good. But you can rework Murmurs in your mind as a place where you have fun. It’s not a professional duty at all. This is leisure. This thing can run by itself, in terms of content, so you only need to check on the mechanisms from time to time, I guess. Stay around, let’s talk about good, fun things, clear our minds, smile once in a while. I hope you can overcome whatever is going on. There is no good or evil that lasts forever.

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Thank you. Murmurs is responsible for some of my best times in my life. But it was also a refuge during my worst, if that makes sense? The same thing with the band’s music.

Seeing Michael in NYC, with my kids, was one of the joys of my life, but also quite overwhelming.

Here’s that picture:


Makes perfect sense. The peaks of joy that bring you to tears when you’re high on life, the safe refuge when you’re down and in need of replenishing for a while.

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Ethan you did a great job with Fender Play. I’ve been using it for several months. I’m in the process of learning Bad Moon Rising. :+1:

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I appreciate it. Fender Play was a hell of a lot of fun to make happen.


I had an epiphany when I learnt the Am chord, Angie by The Rolling Stones. I want to learn that song and R.E.M. The Sad Professor. I don’t think they are as easy to play as I think they are, but it’s a goal, I just have to keep practicing.