When you've known a Song forever and then

I recently got a new amp (for a given value of new - the old one was over 30 years old, the new one is pretty much exactly 30 years old, but a slightly more high end model) and - WHOA! :open_mouth: Listening to Lifes Rich Pageant just now and just noticed a guitar jangle on Cuyahoga that I’d never heard before, ever since 1986. I love it when that happens. Anyone with similar experiences? Which songs?


I’m pretty sure that, at some point, I heard the sound of glass breaking in Turn You Inside Out.

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Similar. The first intro to the verse on Ignoreland, there’s a robotic sounding keyboard or guitar noise. I don’t think it’s anywhere else.

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For me it was Low Desert on the remaster. The slide guitar in the verse really opened up in the mix and it changes the whole tone of the song.


Has anyone heard the weird siren sound on Leave? Like a woowoowoowoowoo repeating throughout. Crazy.

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Get the f@#$ out! Really?