What Was Alt-Rock? 1991-1996

A playlist curated by writer Matthew Perpetua which he describes as “An exploration of alt-rock as a distinct genre as opposed to a marketing term.”

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjPg_IhCw1DqISRRL3QJY9h4nAqgSXEDy
Spotify: What Was Alt-Rock? 1991-1996 - playlist by Matthew Perpetua | Spotify
Apple: ‎What Was Alt-Rock? 1991-1996 by Matthew Perpetua on Apple Music

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Some of the songs on those playlists I haven’t heard since the 90’s. Blasts from the past! :notes:

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I love Perpetua’s playlists. The time, thought, and knowledge he puts into them is second-to-none. Whenever I’m looking for something to listen to, I turn to him and find something new to listen to. Here are others in this series: