What are you playing?

Anyone here interested in video games?

I don’t have a particular favourite platform, I just like to play whatever is good. Over the last few years most of my playtime has been spent on Destiny and Destiny 2. I was a huge PES fan but unfortunately that franchise is now dead.

Horizon Forbidden West is coming out next week and they looks very impressive.

Some coworkers and I are having a GeoGuessr competition. So far, I’ve got the top score which is a monument to my persistence and apparent ability to recognize North Macedonia.

COD, GTA 5, Cobra Kai and GT sport. But since my older son is always playing Fortnite I hardly get the chance to play. Sometimes FIFA 21.

Addicted to ‘Spiritfarer’ but I despair for the day it goes off Gamepass :smiley:

I haven’t tried Spiritfarer yet. Downloaded it from Game Pass alright. Looking at footage it is hard to make out what kind of game it actually is.

I play D2, just got back into it after two years. So much stuff to do, so little time.

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Way to be a sheep and not refer to it as the FYRM like all of the cool kids still do.

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Once I bought an SUV, I figured all my counterculture credibility was well and truly shot, so I leaned in.

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Since 2002 I’ve played Battlefield almost exclusively going through all the releases up until BF4. All the releases after that have been disappointing leading to the disaster that is 2042 so I still play BF4 most nights with the same group over discord. My partner plays almost everything. She’s currently working through cyberpunk 2044.

Yeah, only a couple weeks until a new campaign food and they vault much of the existing content.

I tend to play in spurts. Heavily into D2 for 6-8 weeks and then take a couoyof months break. Rusted been my routine pretty much since it launched.