Wendell Gee backed with Ages of You & Burning Down?

Does anyone have the vinyl Wendell Gee vinyl backed with Ages of You & Burning Down?

Someone told me years ago that they are different than the Dead Letter Office versions.

My Wendell Gee 12" UK vinyl is backed with Crazy & Driver 8 (live).

Supposedly the Ages of You from the Wendell Gee vinyl I’m in search of is the same as the one on the Live For Life vinyl, which I do have. It’s the “hand claps” one.

But I would love to hear the Burning Down version!!


Yes, both “Ages of You” and “Burning Down” are different versions/mixes. It would be great if the band cleaned up their discography by including both of those as well as the original live b-sides of “9-9” and “Gardening at Night” from the “Rockville” 12" on the mythical boxset.