Walk Unafraid question

Is it “Hold my ‘love me or leave me’ high” or “Hold me, love me, or leave me high”?

I always thought the former. Different lyric sites have different takes and I’m not sure if the album had printed lyrics? It sounds like the First Aid Kit cover uses the latter, which always kinda bugs me.


I always hear my

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Oh and total top 5 fave :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::rooster:

The Complete R.E.M. Lyrics Archive site has “hold my love me or leave me high.” I trust them because that site is run by an R.E.M. fan. Beginning with Up, the lyrics were included with the albums.

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confirmed :wink:


I like the First Aid Kit cover generally (great band!) but yeah that annoys me about it too. Definitely “my” on the original.

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Well damn, I’ve always sung “hope might love me or leave me high”. Yet another to add to my catalogue of misheard Stipe lyrics

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I think I like this better!