Visual Art and R.E.M

First time starting a topic in years. Hope this is the right location.
Anybody else collect R.E.M. related visual art?
A friend gave me this Steve Keene Murmur piece. I’m now making a SK wall w/ the Replacements, Beatles, CSNY, Byrds, Bob Dylan…and now must find Reckoning and Chronic Town, if it exists.


Nvm my free side board that I picked up on the side of the road, missing a drawer, but free!

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I have bought a few pieces.

Thomas Dozol’s latest

Sandra Lee Phillips

I also have a ton of David Belisle prints from “REM Hello”, and a Terry Allen print.


I need to buy a Sandra print and Laura Levine one.

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You guys get the best posters and R.E.M.-related art everywhere. That’s impossible to find in Brazil (or impossibly expensive in the rare occasion), so I decided to make my own.


Bought this at a show when I was 15. Hauled it to various dorms/apts/homes for 30 years. You can’t see it here, but it’s full of push-pin holes and tape, holding it together.

A couple years ago my wife took it, as-is, and had it framed. I LOVE IT and it’s full of memories. This wife’s a keeper.

It is huge- 60lb Posey pup for scale.