Video Games and You

Do any of you do it? Is it bad for you? Does it rot your teeth? Which games or systems do you play if so?

Cities Skylines is my time suck.

I got it on steam when it came out but was afraid of it becoming a huge time sink, unlike all of the other time sinks that I play.


If I don’t spin it up for a while, all the mods break and it collapses, then I have to start again and… time sink.

You should look into getting an SSD or M.2 card. There are many valid options we can discuss.

I need to get a high end gaming PC.

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I dont play myself but almost every conversation with my son in the last 3 months has been about Fallout: New Vegas, which I guess is a ‘classic’ game now. It’s fascinating to hear about this alternate way of delivering a narrative.

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I play Breath of the Wild and Animal Crossing on the Switch. Oh, and Untitled Goose Game! Kathleen showed me how, and she coaches me through (or just does) all the really hard parts, because I’m too old for decent hand-eye coordination. I think she’s trying to stave off dementia, because she knows who’s going to have to take care of me.

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As an ‘adult’ I enjoy buying games physically & digitally with the intention of playing them but in reality they just go on a to-do list and I get on with fixing the loose wiring/plumbing in the house :laughing:


PC gamer since early 90s. Since 2002 I’ve played Battlefield almost exclusively going through all the releases up until BF4. All the releases after that have been disappointing leading to the disaster that is 2042 so I still play BF4 most nights with the same group over discord. My partner plays almost everything. She’s currently working through cyberpunk 2044.

No PC gaming but I do own a full size Asteroids machine from 1979

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I have a Switch and a PS5. I used to do PC as well but mine is too old and there’s only so much time. I mostly do big (often open world) single player things, so in the last year I’ve finished Spider Man and Spider Man Miles Morales, Horizon Zero Dawn, Ghost of Tsushima, Ni No Kuni, Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, Resident Evil 2 Remake and the Outer Worlds. I’m halfway through Uncharted 4 since the PS5 version just came out and I’m ridiculously excited about Horizon Forbidden West coming out on Friday. That should occupy my next couple of months.

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I have a PS4 and i love getting into another world via a game with a good grappling story. Id say games nowadays are an equal form of visual, stimulating art. Ive played games with better stories than many films.

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Out of those You mentioned, i`d say Ghost of Tsushima might actually be the single most beautiful video game ive seen.

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I absolutely agree. Just wandering around in that game is stunning!

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Recently I’ve been playing Assassins Creed Valhalla, PS4 Spider-man and MLB The Show.
My wife got me a 2DS last week so I’m currently playing Legend of a Zelda Spirit Tracks (I always wanted a Game Boy as a kid and always managed to not get one).


Big gamer here, but the truth is I don’t talk about it much, and maybe less on an R.E.M. board, lol. But hit me up for questions and comments.

I’m 45–been playing since Atari.

I have a PS4 and Xbox Series X (and soon a Switch, via my son’s 13th birthday present).
I’m not a console fanboy–I love all games, no matter the system.

I don’t like sports games or endless military shooters–not my scene.

I prefer single player campaigns. I have a real attraction to dystopia or horror games, but, again, if the reviews are great (and even if they aren’t) I’ll give most games a whirl.

Favourite games: Dead Space, Bioshock, Fallout Series, Celeste, Hollow Knight, Tell Tale’s Walking Dead, The Last of Us (yes, even the sequel wasn’t that bad!), RDR, old school DOOM (not a fan of the remakes), Witcher 3 (just fantastic), Dying Light, Dark Souls 1-3, Bloodborne.

My backlog of games to play is just ridiculous. I play for maybe 2 hours a day, but when you’re playing 100 hour games, it still takes months to complete anything.

Currently playing Persona 5 (and loving it–BUT it’s one long-ass game, and I think I should take a break to keep things fresh). I plan to play Nobody Saves The World and Death’s Door as palette cleansers.

I rarely buy games new since I’m perpetually a year behind (meaning, I’ll get to Dying Light 2 and Elden Ring eventually).

@Dream_Brother I bought Ghost of Tsushima for 30bucks on a boxing day sale–I hear it’s phenomenal so I’ll get to it. I loved, loved, loved the Resident Evil 2 remake. And finally, I so desperately wanted to like HZD but found it just “okay” (and I know I’m in the minority). It just didn’t click for me, so I’m not that excited about the sequel. But I’ll give it spin once the price drops. Oh–I loved all the Uncharted games and 4 is the best one. Naughty Dog does cutscenes/storytelling so…right. It’s amazing.

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HZD took a while for me to get into it, but the world building and lore really hooked me and as I got further into into got really hooked. I tend to be someone who likes to complete as many side quests and collections as possible in games like that, but HZD was too much in that regard. It has some big flaws but I love it. HFW looks to have fixed a lot of the complaints I have about the first one, so I’m looking forward to getting into it more.

I have always been mixed on the Uncharted series. I agree that 4 is the best, but it’s also the only one where I thought the story really worked or had any emotional connection. And for me, Uncharted games are story and visual first and gameplay a distant second. They’re very pretty, but quite repetitive and not always intuitive. How many times do you try to jump at a handhold and fall to your death per game? It’s also always been funny to me how many thousands of people Nathan Drake has murdered over the course of the series.

I think that the Uncharted games were a nice trial run that got us to the Last of Us series, which not only improves on the gameplay a lot, but also nails the storytelling and emotional impact. I know there’s a small, vocal minority online that hates the sequel, but I think it’s the best game I’ve ever played, and going in blind on release day I absolutely loved it. A lot of the hate is grounded in homophobia and misogyny. Look at the reaction to the DLC for the first game.

Oh, I also love Red Dead Redemption and the sequel. I thought it was a no brainer that they were going to remake the first game in the engine for the second game, but somehow that didn’t happen. Maybe when they release the PS5 upgrade for 2. Either way, I’d love to replay either one on PS5.

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I bought this emulation box on Amazon for under $100 about a month ago. It advertised 50,000 games. It came with 2 PS3 style controllers. I am a fan of the older, classic arcade games and systems I played growing up. This little box has everything I wanted. It has games from all the Atari systems, Nintendos, Segas, up through PS1 and N64 along with the classic arcade games I used to lose quarters in. The system doesn’t have the power to run anything more advanced than N64 or PS1. I thought I’d go this route rather than creating something like this on an old PC. My kids really enjoy it too. It’s called the Super Console X Cube. What a name! Lol