URGH! A Music War turns 40

Our college radio station (WKNS K-91 in Kinston, NC) wasn’t the sort of college radio that was considered cutting edge but we did play some cuts from this soundtrack which was released in 1981. The movie was released the following year.


Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! I had never heard of it. Love the spirit!

I wonder if the “war” they mention in the title is that of punk/new wave against the (now) classic hard rock of the 70s. Very different ways of making music.


I’m not sure what inspired the name. This is the entire movie if you’d like to watch.


was just searching for full move, thx for posting. Can’t believe I haven’t seen this!


the XTC performance is excellent- I believe they played w/ R.E.M. once? maybe bad experience for one of the bands? don’t remember,

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I’m not sure how many times they shared a bill but it sounds like at this show in Athens in 1981 it was a positive experience for all involved.

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I’d probably have sold my house to see an R.E.M.-XTC bill c. 1991, if such a thing ever happened.

I never heard of it either

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I recall Urgh! A Music War. The Cramps stood out, as did Echo and the Bunnymen. You can find many snippets on You Tube from this documentary.

You can. As posted upthread you can also find the entire movie on Vimeo.