Tourfilm expanded…

My dream release would be ‘Tourfilm - expanded, remastered in blu-Ray. Obvs… the original in Blu-ray, All the footage taped officially on the Green World Tour 1989 on DVD / Blu-Ray, All the TV broadcasts interviews and live from that time, all the out takes and edits, all camera angles completely as recorded. This would be amazing!!!


Tourfilm is amazing, more tourfilm is better.


I’m surprised it hasn’t been revisited myself. Even Road Movie was reissued albeit with no bonus content (at least that I’m aware of).

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I wish an expanded version of both tourfilm and Road Movie.

And, if not much to ask, at least one official video release of Pagentry tour and also Document tour. Plus Leaf benefit.

Would be a blast to have all of these.

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Not sure an official video release of a full Pageantry show is possible. Semi-pro shot fragments of shows from 1986 exist, but no full shows were filmed or professionally videotaped, at least not to my knowledge. The Work tour might be a different story: on YouTube there is good deal of semi-pro shot footage from 1987, supposedly shot by one of the crew.

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I was listening to an audio recording of Tourfilm today. I still think it’s the greatest live music film ever. Incredible cinematography.

But what makes it, is the theatre of the performance. The poem and song before I Believe. The chair/Gang of Four intro to World Leader Pretend. “This song goes out to the Exxon Corporation.”

Chills. Even now, thirty-plus years on.


A 4k remaster of Tourfilm would be absolutely insane. I mean, it was shot on film and I’m hoping the original is still around to be rescanned. That would be incredible.


I feel like a great deal of that Tourfilm footage was shot in 16mm, which doesn’t really translate beautifully to blu ray. Am I wrong?

In fact, 16mm will look gorgeous on Blu! In the early days of the technology it was often said that 35mm was still better seen projected on a good print, but that 16mm films could be transferred without any loss in detail. Contemporary films shot on 16 like Moonrise Kingdom or Carol look good on Blu-ray.

At any rate, Tourfilm deserves a major release. It is the best live album/film that they ever put out, save perhaps the Olympia album. The film was very well made and doesn’t feel dated. Stipe’s voice was at its peak, and he sounded just as beautiful live as he did on the albums. The band will never do it, but I’d love for a reissue to be packaged with vinyl of just the audio so that I can enjoy the music whenever I want.


Awesome! They really should do it, would love to see remastered 4K version and updated audio. The drums always sound a little odd to me in current version, but could just be me.

I own Tourfilm and it’s my treasure!