Thoughts on Wet Leg

I’ve seen most all their videos. By the time their debut album comes out later this week I’m guessing we would have heard most, if not every song from it. I am intrigued but have yet to be completely drawn in as there seems to be an overly conscious novelty aspect to them that I find difficult to get past. The music aside, I do enjoy their videos which I realize is also part of the novelty aspect.
Long ago, when videos were new there was a lot of concern that they robbed us of conjuring up our own images in our imagination. That has never been an issue for me. Yes, there’s been some poorly done videos but there have also been some that have captured the mood of a song, no different than how an album conveys the contents of what lies within. This is the latest video from Wet Leg. Their self-titled album comes out on Friday.


They would fit right in in the mid-90’s amongst bands like Sleeper, Republic, Lush, Elastica etc.; a sound which I’ve always had a soft spot for. The hype building around them is somewhat baffling, but doesn’t bother me.

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I’ve noticed all the praise they’ve been getting. I’ve yet to jump on the bandwagon, but can say this band has potential.

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they rule. this performance is incredible, so much fun energy

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I enjoyed this.

Really enjoying the album.

Going to see them on Sunday night :sunglasses:

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From one of my current favorite writers, Amanda Petrusich.

I need to check out the album. I quite like the singles I’ve heard.


Been hearing their stuff for a while, and listened to the album yesterday, really enjoyed it, agree with @Flor that it’s a close cousin to mid-90s Britpop, so up my street.

Being able to see the Isle Of Wight from my house pretty much makes them my local band, right?

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They were amazing live.

Doubt I’ll be seeing them in a small room in Edinburgh again anytime soon.