This should have seriously been an official video

I’m speechless.


Well done but perhaps a bit too literal for what R.E.M. were doing with their early videos.

Yeah. I can see that, but as far as being a fan made video, it is quality.


I agree and it even has touches of what I would consider to be the R.E.M. aesthetic from that time period, meaning hints of the video for “Radio Free Europe.”

I totally agree, that was really good :heart::heart::slightly_smiling_face::rooster:

Definitely spot on with the aesthetic. The One I Love, ITEOTWAWKI, LMR, and even All The Best - old/derelict houses are a theme.

Also made me realise that “raze the walls” is another repeating Stipeism.


He’s also used bridge the schizm (sp) a few times

A list was compiled many years ago on Murmurs of Stipe’s oft repeated phrases/words in R.E.M. songs.

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My favorite usage of words was:

…if you believe there’s nothing up my sleeve, then nothing is cool…
From Man on the Moon

…there is nothing up my sleeve…
From The Great Beyond