This film is on

I’m a huge Batman fan. Anyone who’s good friends (or catches me talking about him…okay anyone). Where i fiddle with music and art downstairs is called “Bruce Waynes Basement”

The Batman is the best adaption yet. That’s all.

We were just wondering if it was worth watching yet another Batman movie - maybe this weekend!

It’s a detective/thriller. If you took out Batman…it’d almost be Seven.

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I watched the Original Michael Keaton Batman film a couple days ago, and enjoyed it Immensely. I hadn’t seen it in at least 30 years. Jack Nicholson was totally Brilliant as The Joker. He’s right up there with Heath Ledger. Both Brilliant, but different.

I think The Batman and Batman (1989) parallel each other, in the way that both actors were counted out, before anyone saw the films. I remeber people sayin, “Michael Keaton…isn’t that the Mr. Mom and Dream Team guy?” And, of course, Pattinsons, “Oooh…the vampire sparkle guy is gonna make the worst Batman.” Both camps are eating crow now.

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I was a comics reader for over 20 years (1985-2005ish and a bit beyond), mostly Batman comics. I was firmly there for the 1989 Batmania (as an unashamed part of it, I admit); wasn’t there for the 90s movies that sucked and I caught up with some time later, in absolute disgust; loved the first two Nolan movies – hated the third, and I won’t even watch the recent DC movies after what I saw in Superman and parts of Suicide Squad and that awful Justice League.

That being said, I liked this new Batman A LOT because it took me back to a “series of series” we used to have in Brazil named “Tales of Batman”. I have no idea how those stories were published in the US, tho. It was kind of an imprint comprised of several shorter series, 3 or 4 or 5 issues each. All were very noir and detectivesque, far from the godlike-superhero-ish thing.

In this movie, the costume and the Batmobile are awesome (I LOVE the Tumbler, but it’s intended for a very different Batman, an urban guerilla hero, not a serious tormented somber detective). Pattinson makes for a great Batman (with the wrong voice, tho) and a very inusual Bruce Wayne in that he’s not at all a playboy, but a kid truly tomented by his trauma. He makes for a very, very human and humane Batman/Bruce, which is a welcome relief. And I have never seen a better portrayal of Catwoman: a skilled thief, in a simple nice suit (terrible mask), short hair, sexy without ever being oversexy, a friend and a foil at the same time, no superpowers, true to her roots – just perfect. The Riddler could have been a bit scarier, but he’s TRULY dangerous in ways the character was never portrayed before, and it’s a quite good, also noir-ish characterization.

If the movie’s got a couple of flaws, I’d say it’s just too long; it could have done with maybe 30 minutes edited out. And it becomes incredibly tangled in the middle with a lot of backstory and too many names, but that part solves itself soon by eliminating possibilities and all the complicated past in one stroke.