The Rolling Slobs

Found this and just had to share. I’m betting our lads’ church dive wasn’t all that different. A bit more churchy and maybe more dangerous as it got condemned.


Hilarious! On the positive side, great music did come out of the mess.

I think most bands of that period shared digs. Cheap, small messy digs. Young men sharing a space full of instruments and albums probably all looked like that. Peter Buck described the church as a dumpy shithole only students would live in. It was better than living in the back of a van while touring which they also did in their salad days.


Reminds me of a George Harrison lyric - “I look at the floor, and I see it needs sweeping…” Song writing got priority. The chaos that was going on in the world at that time & they had a lot to say about it.

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Honestly, it looks a lot like Kelly and my first apartment, too.