The inevitable conclusion

I have a REM cover band. Here’s our latest.


Wow, you’re really good!
And if I didn’t already know you’re one of their biggest fans, your intensity would give it away… :purple_heart::purple_heart:

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For a brief moment every six months I get to pretend to be Michael. Although we’ve also done other bands (most notable a six song Talking Heads, Stop Making Sense, with like 8 people on stage)


Love it! thanks for not trying to impersonate JMS. Encore!!!

is that room all stone walls and concrete floor? you guys must have had quite a headache with all the echo and reverb.

I drank a lot, that helped.


Beautiful. You sound a lot like Michael, but maybe what I’m picking up on is his accent in your vocal. His accent so southern back then. Brilliant Ethan, brilliant.

Nicely done!

Tight covers. Like Iggy said in an interview once,“the proof’s in the pudding.”

On our first ones (I Believe) he gave me some good critique. I sent him vocal takes and he let me know where to breath, which is surprisingly very specific.


In a way, that song might actually be harder than ITEOTWAWKIT(AIFF) because of the flow. Make sense?


Thats awesome. If you were trying to picture his reaction, maybe it was like this? :joy:

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Here are all the others we did during the whole pandemic. We are going back to in person band jam’s this May.

Losing My Religion:

Man on the Moon:

These Days: Earnest Indie Covers - These Days - YouTube

End of the World (with special guest): Earnest Indie Covers - End of the World (UNLISTED) - YouTube


wow this is really good.

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That’s so wonderful. Well done Ethan!

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Wow, joyous - I’d pay good money to see this. Fender’s gonna Fender.

BTW, Stipe are good night out, too. Last saw them looking for a new Mike.

Very kind :slight_smile: Our next band jam will be Talking Heads.

These were fun to watch. I would say you did a much better job using your COVID isolation time making music videos than I did making bread. :upside_down_face:

Special guest in ITEOTWAWKI is an especially nice touch!

Thanks for sharing.