Tanzplagen - Michael Stipe's side band in 1981

Found this on youtube, others may know of this recording, it’s a new find for me.
Also features William Self Lee, Linda Stipe (Oh-OK), David Pierce, Neil Mc Arthur, and Linda Hopper (Oh-OK, Magnapop).


I found a copy years ago. I listened to it once and filed it away. Nice curio I guess but I’ve never found it to be worthy of a second spin.

It’s weird. I’ve red countless interviews with Michael over the years, and no one ever asks him about Tanzplagen. I don’t know if it’s because no one cares/knows about it or because Michael is reluctant to speak of it…

Interesting! I expected it to be awful, but that track is listenable.

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Yeah it is a nice curio. The uploader on youtube, if you look down the video list, there is audio of R.E.M. live at Tyrone’s O.C., Athens, GA, from April 10 1981. According to the R.E.M. Timeline, Lynda & Cyndy Stipe were on backing vocals at the show. It’s on bootlegs apparently. My R.E.M. baggage isn’t as full as I thought it was.