Take a break and return

Have you ever not played an REM record for a long while then return to it, and realize just how insanely good it is?

Document for me. I’ve been listening a lot to random indie music or stuff with my daughter in the car. But randomly put on Document and realized just how insane that record is. If a band dropped a record like that today it’d be a smash.


I’ve been listing to Reveal recently. I forgot how good this album is.That summer theme. Michael’s voice. Even the art work is amazing.


Upon reading the OP, I realize I tend to do that when there’s an anniversary edition on the horizon. Like, about two years before Automatic’s, Monster’s and Hi-Fi’s reissues, I would barely listen to songs from them, and then the reissues hit and my love for those albums was not just reinvigorated, but improved.


Yes that’s exactly how Around the Sun became my favorite

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When it first came out I disliked Up. Later on I was largely confined to bed with health problems. Was spending my time listening to music, decided to play Up again, just to add a bit of variety, and loved it. Now my second favourite R.E.M. album.


I was looking though setlists & saw The Outsiders. Now I must go & listen to the album Around The Sun because I haven’t for a very long time it’s going to be an awesome re-discovery.


Document grows better to me every year. Sparse & youthful, I love this era. In fact, it’s the record that climbs higher and higher each year in my top R.E.M. records. Amazing that the same 4 dudes made Fables only 2-3 years earlier.

Ever notice how (almost) every song starts with a snare hit?

Beat a Drum might be my favorite R.E.M. song of 21st century.


Until you get to the rap part of that song… :rofl:

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I like Q-Tip’s rap…

A man walks away when every muscle says to stay
How many yesterdays, they each weigh heavy
Who says what changes may come?
Who says what we call home?

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ATS is now a top fave but i felt he same way the first time about the rap part. In fact i was pissed. But it grew on me and now i love every little bit of that album​:heart::rooster::rooster: