Strange Currencies single on Spotify

Hi all. Anyone know what the deal is with this? It’s just appeared as a new release on my Spotify today. Google yields little information on it. On quick inspection it sounds like the version included on the Monster expanded edition from 2019 but not 100% sure. Seems strange to randomly release it as a single with new artwork four years after that campaign

Trying to capitalise on it being prominently featured in “The Bear”.

Saw that too. It was then posted on Instagram of how its to coincide with the new season of some FX Network show. I thought it was because the song was in the promo for the new season. Not sure if its actually featured prominently in an episode. Seems very odd to put effort into releasing a 3 track single because of that. Since its not new material, I guess its simple enough to do.

Yeah, a “new release” of existing material is very easy to assemble and boosts your prominence in the algorithms I imagine.

Look at these recent “releases” by the Rolling Stones, all these supposed EP’s are just factory-assembled collections of existing material around some random theme. Kinda tacky, I feel.

Here’s HQ’s tweet about the “new release”:

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Thanks all. I guess labels are forced to play the algorithm game these days. Pretty tacky though

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