Sportsball (And Other Assorted Equipment)

Juan Martin Del Porto’s comeback/retirement swing starts tonight. Delpo forever!

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The Welsh Try on Saturday was a bit of a disappointment.

Favorite song from the Baseball Project?

I actually haven’t heard a single song from them :face_with_hand_over_mouth: (I know diddly squat (absolutely nothing!!) about baseball, so consequently forget that they exist!!)

Where would you rec that I start?

I was gonna start a thread called “The Puck Stops Here”, but knowing there’s not a lot of hockey fans here, I’d probably be mostly talking to myself. I take medication for that, but I think if it became to excessive, I might be locked up.

First of all, Husso is a beast!

He’s the goalie for St. Louis. I’m, of course, a Blues fan. After winning the Stanley Cup in 2019, they’ve kinda struggled. 2019-2020 was a joke. They shortened the season, cuz of f@#$ing Covid. I’ve said, time and time again…they should have skipped 2020 season for ALL sports. 2020-2021 there were way too many injuries.

They came out the gate running, this year. I think they went 5 and 0. They’ve had some so-so weeks, but are getting their legs back under them.