Songs REM Borrowed From Other Artists

With so many songs, it’s not surprising that a few of REM’s songs borrow key hooks, etc. from other artists.

Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite - Vocal intro melody borrowed from Lion Sleeps Tonight (credited)
Hope - Lyrical approach from Suzanne from Leonard Cohen (credited)
What’s the Frequency, Kenneth? - I can’t remember the song/artist, but I remember hearing a 70s-ish song that had a very similar guitar melody.
Everybody Hurts - Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers version)
The One I Love - My My Hey Hey by Neil Young
Chorus and the Ring - Guiding Light by Television


Well, there’s Airportman, though I don’t think it borrows a particular hook from Music For Airports, Brian Eno.

Disturbance at the Heron House → “Glory”, by Television
Airportman → “Rhyme”, Television
Wanderlust → “Digsy’s Dinner”, Oasis (might just be a very common chord progression)
“At My Most Beautiful” → Pet Sounds-era Beach Boys in general

I hadn’t heard Glory or Rhyme by Television before, but I can hear a little bit of those REM songs in them. Interesting!

I’ve never heard any Beach Boys songs that sound like At My Most Beautiful. There are elements that sound Beach Boys Pet Sounds/Smile inspired (drum fill, strings, doos), but it doesn’t seem to borrow from any songs specifically.

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I’m sure I read Michael Stipe say in an interview that Drive was a homage to David Essex - Rock On.

I guess I wasn’t clear on what you meant by borrow. The cascading “doo doo doo”'s and repetitive piano chords remind of “God Only Knows” or “You Still Believe in Me”, thought it’s obviously not a lift. Neither is Disturbance from Glory, only Airportman and “Rhyme” come close, probably unintentionally.

In a similar way I hear echoes from some of Glen Campbell’s “Galveston” in “We All Go Back to Where We Belong”. Sounds like that song that he loved, indeed :wink: