Song Exploder on Netflix

Everyone seen this?

I watched it during lockdown. To be honest, I was expecting re-hashed interviews and old clips cobbled together.

I didn’t realise it was new interviews, with the whole band, including Bill Berry! It was beautiful. It was sweet. It was touching. It was a real tonic. I felt like I was 13 again, excitedly devouring every piece of R.E.M. that made it onto my TV.

If you haven’t seen it, watch it.


Bill’s face when they isolated the hand claps was everything.


That’s why I subscribed Netflix on the first place.
Loved it.


So good. Keep meaning to watch it again, thanks for the reminder!

It was good because it had a surprising amount of Bill. Peter’s remark that Bill’s drumming has a strong disco influence was very insightful.

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My favorite part is “Is that Mike and Bill? Fuck they’re good.”

Michael says it with such love, it’s great.


I didn’t know about this until now, really enjoyed it :heart_eyes:

I watched it three times so far. I love it.

If you haven’t caught it already, the original podcast episode where they break down Try Not To Breathe is really fascinating as well.
I haven’t watched the rest of Song Exploder yet, but if it’s all on par with the Losing My Religion episode, I should. It nailed a sweet spot between technical details and musings on artistry that I don’t get often enough from music documentaries (especially anthology shows like this).


I watched it when it first came out, loved it. !!!

Just listening to them all talk. I wished it could’ve gone on forever.

I’ll have to go watch it again.

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Loved watching them talk about each other. So much respect. Wish they do more of this about other songs.

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kinda weird that on the out of time liner notes there is no mention of bill singing on it. maybe its just mike mills singing several tracks. then again OOT liner notes have mistakes, like not crediting kate pierson on near wild heaven and so on.