Some Thoughts On the Current State of Music Journalism (Ted Gioia)

"Music journalism can’t flourish over the long run if the music ecosystem collapses. Maybe somebody my age can eke it out with some kind of ugly endgame strategy, but that won’t work for the art form when viewed in any larger perspective.

"You see, nostalgia can only pay the bills for so long. That’s inevitable if only because a world without young music stars eventually becomes a world without old music stars. In a culture so narrow, even sentimentality over the old songs inevitably fades.

"After all, how many more Bob Dylan cover stories can Rolling Stone run?

“I fear we will soon find out.”


There’s nothing we can do. This is the way it is. Probably their are a few great underground artist who are better than Dylan. But, no one will ever know.

The actual quality of writing has declined. The reader is bombarded with cliched buzzword acronyms. There is no true challenging intellectual bohemian in journalism today.