Rick Beato REM Video

Record producer/YouTuber Rick Beato did a video on his favorite REM songs recently:


He rarely ventures out of his usual classic rock/grunge/nu metal mumbo jumbo these days (he has made extraordinary videos in the past, from bebop to pop), so this was a nice refreshment. Of course he goes into every R.E.M. cliché for literally no reason before choosing a really deserving track as “their best” (it’s not even in my top 30 list, but I fully respect that choice). And his emotional response seems very authentic in the end. So this was a nice change for him and his usual subjects, and a nice video to watch. He should explore R.E.M. and indie more often.


I like watching these vids where talk is about a band or record that I love too. :musical_score: :two_hearts:

It’s evidently an unpopular opinion to express but when it comes to art I truly believe words such as “greatest” and “best” don’t apply. Reason being, it’s art, not a competition. That said, I have plenty of favorites but I don’t use “greatest” or “best” to describe art. I’m clearly in the minority. By the way, no one has to agree with me, it’s just how I feel about it.


Yeah I saw that too. I generally like Rick’s videos. This was a pretty good one too. Also liked last week’s about Chicago (I posted “25 or 6 to 4” in another Murmurs thread probably inspired by that video).

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Interesting choice - it’s a great song that checks a lot of boxes for me. Not my favorite - but even that depends on what day you ask me. Beato’s nerdiness about chord changes and flat sixes is fun and I’'d love to hear him chat with Pete and Mike about this stuff.


I really enjoyed that! Perfect for laying here bored to death, (but getting better and I hope to get out so) thank you for posting this :slightly_smiling_face::rooster: